Maxime Lebrun

Maxime Lebrun likes baguettes, wine and cheese. He's also French and illustrator for children's books. Did I say he likes snails too? Yuck!

90s cartoons and his dad - who was doing comics, sculptures, paintings on cars and motorbikes beside his daytime job, were a huge inspiration and filled his mind with the idea that being an artist sounds pretty cool.
Spending all his school time drawing in the margins of his books led him to go to a vocational education, where he learned Offset printing and publishing software.

Then after getting a baccalaureat he went to an Art School in Epinal (Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Epinal) to study a degree in Illustration. After finishing his studies in 2012, he went to live the adventure in England, trading frogs' legs for Yorkshire puddings and red wine for ales.
He works mostly digitally on Photoshop, sometimes animate on After Effect just for fun and dreams about bringing his stories to life into the publishing world.

Most Recent Book
This Is NOT a Dragon Party book


What do you hope young readers experience from your work?

I hope it brings them smile and that they want to explore the books again and again because of it.

Do you have a favorite children’s book?

Guess again! by Mac Barnett

What advice do you have for parents and others who are trying to raise readers?

One funny advice I saw recently was that if your kids spend too much time on Netflix, just mute it and put subtitles on and now they're reading.

But more seriously, I think taking time with your kids to read books with them at bedtime is definitely the best thing to raise readers.

Do you have any upcoming books you can tell us about?

"This is NOT a dragon party" is a picture book written by Mike Flaherty and it's coming up in 2019. It's about a girl that has a wild birthday party with dragons, ogres and knights!

How did you come to the realization that you wanted to write/illustrate children's books professionally?

My dad being really creative (drawing comics, sculptures, paintings and doing objects for us) was a big inspiration for me. I've always dreamed about being an illustrator since I was little. I used to draw and colour all the time and coming back from school it was probably the first thing I wanted to do.

Who are some role models of yours in the children's book realm?

David Walliams and Alex T Smith are my role models currently for the same reason, they both show me that it's not because you're a comedian or an illustrator that you can't write your own stories. It's really motivating to see their career and I dream about writing my own!

What do you hope to be remembered for?

We all have books and stories that are dear to our hearts and I hope one day that I'll be able to bring that to people through what I'll be doing.

board Books

animals · interactive · farm
Slide-A-Story: Who's In the Barn?
the ocean · nature · fish · water
Down Down Down in the Sea
quests · lift-the-flaps · trees · interactive · animals
Up, Up, Up in the Tree

picture Books

dragons · birthdays · mischief · kindness · gratitude
This Is NOT a Dragon Party


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