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My creative process is probably best described as an inspired SPLAT! It involves markers. It involves pens. And it involves a nice clean expanse of butcher block paper— rolled out like the open road as far as the eye can see. And there must be an idea. A fixation. A question. I often have a rhythm… or a beat… or a refrain that accompanies this thought explosion. Then I spill it. All over the page. No judgement. No doubt. Just entertaining curiosity. I draw circles. I make arrows. I write the alphabet again and again to dig for words. The whole archaeological process that is the first draft is the same to me as piecing a puzzle. When I’m finally satisfied with my inspired-splat on rolling paper, I type it up… and start revising. I love revising. I usually revise a manuscript at least twenty times before I show it to anyone. If I’m questioning anything, I consult my trusted critique partners. But if I feel good about it, I send it off to my Rockstar Agent… and cross my fingers!

And then we repeat the process however many times it needs.


What do you hope young readers experience from your work?

I always hope young readers walk away with a sense of possibility, perhaps a new way of looking at the world, and the knowledge that they are loved and treasured for who they are.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

Good question! I wear a lot of hats, so typical days vary. Most every day starts with exercise, a walk and coffee. If I'm working on a new book-- that's dreams-- cause I get to sink deep into the process mentioned above. I'm also a fan of revising days because I get to sport my editor hat which is fun in another way. If it's book launch time, there are usually a lot of emails that I need to send and turns out... I make a lot of marketing materials. (Who knew?) And in between creating, revising, promoting and networking I also love to do school visits and read at book stores. So on those days, I'm on the move bright and early.

So that's... not exactly typical, I guess. Sorry about that. But sprinkle a few phone calls in there and answering surprise texts from my kids and that's what I do!

Do you have any upcoming books you can tell us about?

Yes, I do! My next book, due out in 2020 from Beach Lane Books, is a picture book collaboration with Paola Zakimi-- whose work I adore! This story, HERE COMES OCEAN, follows a child who discovers that along with every rolling wave comes a new possibility for adventure. I can't wait for young readers to go beach combing with us!

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I Heart You

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