Miguel Benitez

MIGUEL BENITEZ likes to describe himself as a “part-time daydreamer and a full-time doodler.” His work includes the illustrations for the Zapato Power series. He lives with his wife and two cats in Surrey, United Kingdom.

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Freddie Ramos Adds It All Up book

"About" from Albert Whitman Fall 2018 Catalog

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starting school · superpowers · school · math · problem solving · making friends
Freddie Ramos Adds It All Up
superpowers · admitting you are wrong · problem solving
Freddie Ramos Hears It All
New York · problem solving · helping others
Freddie Ramos Rules New York
helping others · problem solving · stealing · snow
Freddie Ramos Stomps the Snow
water · bullying · swimming · courage
Freddie Ramos Makes a Splash
helping others · superpowers · problem solving
Freddie Ramos Springs Into Action
helping others · rescue · courage
Freddie Ramos Zooms to the Rescue
problem solving · helping others · superpowers
Freddie Ramos Takes Off


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