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Jannie Ho was born in Hong Kong and raised in Philadelphia. She has a BFA in illustration from Parsons the New School. After working as a graphic designer and an art director, she decided that illustration was her true calling and now specializes in illustrating for the children’s market. Her work has appeared in both trade and educational books, magazines, toys, crafts, and digital media. She lives with her husband and daughter in Boston.

Sometimes Babies
100 First Words: City
Animal Families: Forest
Animal Families: Safari
Who's Hiding in the Rain Forest?
ABC: Early Learning at the Museum
Where's the Narwhal?
Who's Hiding in the Woods?
100 First Words
Where's the Witch?

Most Popular Nosy Crow Books

    picture • 10 Pages
    Where's the Duck?
    Nosy Crow, Ingela P. Arrhenius
    board • 10 Pages
    Where's the Dog?
    Nosy Crow, Ingela Peterson Arrhenius
    board • 10 Pages
    Where's the Ladybug?
    Nosy Crow, Ingela P. Arrhenius
    board • 10 Pages
    Where's the Giraffe?
    Nosy Crow, Ingela P. Arrhenius
    board • 10 Pages
    Where's the Unicorn?
    Nosy Crow, Ingela P. Arrhenius
    board • 10 Pages
    Where's the Penguin?
    Nosy Crow, Ingela P. Arrhenius

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All Nosy Crow Books

2022Sometimes BabiesNosy CrowCharlotte Trounce18
2021100 First Words: CityNosy CrowEdward Underwood14
2020Animal Families: ForestNosy CrowJane Ormes14
2020Animal Families: SafariNosy CrowJane Ormes14
2020Who's Hiding in the Rain Forest?Nosy CrowKatharine McEwen10
2019ABC: Early Learning at the MuseumNosy CrowThe Trustees of the British Museum22
2019Where's the Narwhal?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2019Who's Hiding in the Woods?Nosy CrowKatharine McEwen10
2019JungleNosy CrowJane Ormes14
2019FarmNosy CrowJane Ormes14
2019100 First WordsNosy CrowEdward Underwood14
2019Where's the Witch?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2019Lois Looks for Bob at the BeachNosy CrowNosy CrowGerry Turley12
2019Lois Looks for Bob at the MuseumNosy CrowGerry Turley12
2019Can You Say It, Too? Tweet! Tweet!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2019How to Take Care of Your DinosaurNosy Crow32
2019Who's Hiding at the Beach?Nosy CrowNosy CrowKatharine McEwen10
2019Who's Hiding on the Farm?Nosy CrowKatharine McEwen10
2019Where's the Astronaut?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2019AnimalsNosy CrowThe Trustees of the British Museum22
2019First WordsNosy CrowThe Trustees of the British Museum22
2019Race Car DriverNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2019Where's the Duck?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2018Colors: Early Learning at the MuseumNosy CrowThe Trustees of the British Museum22
2018OppositesNosy CrowThe Trustees of the British Museum20
2018Lois Looks for Bob at HomeNosy CrowGerry Turley12
2018Look, There's a Rocket!Nosy CrowEsther Aarts12
2018Sing a Song of Seasons: A Nature Poem for Each Day of the YearNosy Crow, Fiona WatersFrann Preston-Gannon336
2018Ambulance RescueNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2018Where's the Unicorn?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2018The Christmas TreeNosy CrowAxel Scheffler32
2018Walk and See: OppositesNosy CrowRosalind Beardshaw26
2018Where's the Bear?Nosy CrowNosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2018Where's the Penguin?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2018Walk and See: 123Nosy CrowRosalind Beardshaw26
2018Walk and See: ColorsNosy CrowRosalind Beardshaw26
2018Can You Say It, Too? Stomp! Stomp!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2018Happy Birthday to You!Nosy CrowNicola Slater10
2018Where's the Zebra?Nosy CrowIngela Peterson Arrhenius10
2018Where's the Dog?Nosy CrowIngela Peterson Arrhenius10
2018Walk and See: ABCNosy CrowRosalind Beardshaw26
2018Look, There's a Tractor!Nosy CrowEsther Aarts12
2018Look, There's a Helicopter!Nosy CrowEsther Aarts12
2017Can You Say It, Too? Brrr! Brrr!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2017Spooky HouseNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2017The New FriendNosy CrowAxel Scheffler32
2017Look, There's a Submarine!Nosy CrowEsther Aarts12
2017Cuddly CowNosy CrowAxel Scheffler12
2017Big Bug LogNosy CrowSebastien Braun18
2017Do-It-Yourself DayNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2017Where's the Giraffe?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2017Where's the Ladybug?Nosy CrowIngela P. Arrhenius10
2017Can You Say It, Too? Cheep! Cheep!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2015Space RocketNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2015Dinosaur SafariNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2015Can You Say It, Too? Hoot! Hoot!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2015Flip Flap SafariNosy CrowAxel Scheffler28
2014Can You Say It, Too? Roar! Roar!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2014Can You Say It, Too? Growl! Growl!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2014The Scary MonsterNosy CrowAxel Scheffler24
2014Can You Say It, Too? Woof! Woof!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2014Can You Say It, Too? Moo! Moo!Nosy CrowSebastien Braun10
2014Bunny Boo Has Lost Her TeddyNosy CrowNosy Crow8
2013The Snowy DayNosy CrowAxel Scheffler32
2013Pirate AdventureNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2013Fire Rescue!Nosy CrowBenji Davies8
2011The Little PuddleNosy CrowAxel Scheffler24
2011Fun on the FarmNosy CrowBenji Davies8
2011Noodle Loves to CuddleNosy CrowMarion Billet10


Ingela P. Arrhenius
Ingela Peterson Arrhenius
Benji Davies
Edward Underwood
Fiona Waters
Frann Preston-Gannon
Nicola Slater
Katharine McEwen
Sebastien Braun
Jane Ormes
Axel Scheffler
Charlotte Trounce
The Trustees of the British Museum
Rosalind Beardshaw
Gerry Turley
Marion Billet
Esther Aarts


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