Ron Roy


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Leopard on the Loose
Crime in the Crypt
Space Shuttle Scam
Grand Canyon Grab
Colossal Fossil
April Fools' Fiasco
Secret Admirer
Operation Orca

Most Popular Ron Roy Books

    chapter • 96 Pages
    The Deadly Dungeon
    #4 in Series
    Ron Roy
    chapter • 96 Pages
    The Absent Author
    #1 in Series
    Ron Roy
    chapter • 131 Pages
    Detective Camp
    Ron Roy
    picture • 144 Pages
    April Fools' Fiasco
    #9 in Series
    Ron Roy, John Steven Gurney
    chapter • 96 Pages
    The Empty Envelope
    #5 in Series
    Ron Roy
    chapter • 144 Pages
    Operation Orca
    #7 in Series
    Ron Roy

Book Stats


All Ron Roy Books

2022Leopard on the Loose144
2021Crime in the Crypt144
2020Space Shuttle Scam144
2019Grand Canyon GrabJohn Steven Gurney 144
2018Colossal FossilJohn Steven Gurney 144
2017April Fools' FiascoJohn Steven Gurney 144
2015Secret AdmirerJohn Steven Gurney 144
2015Operation Orca144
2014New Year's Eve Thieves80
2014December Dog72
2014November Night80
2014The Castle Crime124
2013September Sneakers64
2013October Ogre80
2012Turkey Trouble on the National MallTimothy Bush89
2012August Acrobat72
2012July Jitters80
2011The New Year Dragon Dilemma132
2011Trapped on the D.C. Train!Timothy Bush87
2011June Jam80
2011May Magic80
2010The Ghost at Camp DavidTimothy Bush84
2010Sleepy Hollow Sleepover128
2010April Adventure66
2010March Mischief66
2009January Joker96
2009The Secret at Jefferson's MansionTimothy Bush96
2009February FriendJohn Steven Gurney 66
2008The Election-Day DisasterTimothy Bush87
2008White House White-Out124
2007Mayflower Treasure Hunt114
2007Mystery at the Washington MonumentTimothy Bush96
2007A Thief at the National ZooTimothy Bush87
2006Trouble at the TreasuryTimothy Bush86
2006Fireworks at the FBITimothy Bush87
2006Detective Camp131
2005Who Broke Lincoln's Thumb?Timothy Bush86
2005The Zombie Zone96
2005The Yellow Yacht84
2005The X'Ed-Out X-Ray96
2004The White Wolf96
2004A Spy in the White HouseTimothy Bush96
2004The Vampire's Vacation96
2004The Unwilling Umpire96
2003The Skeleton in the SmithsonianTimothy Bush96
2003The Talking T. Rex96
2003The School Skeleton96
2002The Runaway Racehorse96
2002The Quicksand Question96
2002Kidnapped at the CapitalLiza Woodruff80
2002The Panda Puzzle96
2001The Orange Outlaw96
2001The Ninth Nugget96
2001Who Cloned the President?Liza Woodruff80
2001The Missing Mummy96
2000The Lucky Lottery96
2000The Kidnapped King96
2000The Jaguar's Jewel96
1999The Invisible Island96
1999The Haunted Hotel96
1998The Goose's Gold96
1998The Falcon's Feathers96
1998The Empty Envelope96
1998The Canary Caper96
1998The Deadly Dungeon96
1997The Bald Bandit96
1997The Absent Author96


John Steven Gurney
Timothy Bush
Liza Woodruff


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