Ronda Armitage

Ronda Armitage was born in New Zealand but moved to England with her family in 1974.Her husband, David, illustrated most of her earlier books including the Lighthouse Keeper series but she now works with a number of other talented illustrators.
She probably became a writer because she always loved reading. Her first job was teaching young children so she read many wonderful books to them.
Although she loves writing she often thinks of many other things to do before she begins work on a new book. A walk in the woods, some gardening, maybe ringing a friend. She is a procrastinator.
Finally with a little snack, preferably of grapes or mangoes she will open her computer and write.

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A Mighty Bitey Creature book



Were there any pivotal changes that your story underwent through the writing process?

Once I begin actually writing my stories they always change from the story I have in my head.I intended to write a follow-up story to an earlier book called 'A Very Strange Creature'.This story would be about unknown creature who frightened the animals with the most terrifying noises.But it isn't, it changed as I wrote and as I worked with my editor.

What is your favourite thing about this book?

I enjoyed inventing the onomatopoeic words for a story which is a mixture of fun tinged by a little bit of fear. I also like Nikki's illustrations which have something extra hidden in most of the pages.

What do you hope children will get from your books?

Enjoyment.I usually write for young children with the hope that my book/books will encourage them to want to read more books. In fact to read books until they are old and grey.

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A Mighty Bitey Creature


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