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Tony DiTerlizzi


Tony DiTerlizzi is a New York Times bestselling author and illustrator who has been creating books with Simon & Schuster for fifteen years. From his fanciful picture books like Jimmy Zangwow’s Out-of-this-World Moon Pie Adventure, Adventure of Meno (with his wife, Angela), and The Spider & The Fly (a Caldecott Honor book), to chapter books like Kenny and The Dragon and The Search for WondLa, Tony always imbues his stories with a rich imagination. His middle grade series, The Spiderwick Chronicles (with Holly Black), has sold millions of copies, been adapted into a feature film, and has been translated in more than thirty countries. You can visit him at

The Broken Ornament
Story of Diva and Flea
Battle for WondLa
A Hero for Wondla
The Seeing Stone

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    Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi
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    Tony DiTerlizzi
    Story of Diva and Flea
    Mo Willems, Tony DiTerlizzi
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All Tony DiTerlizzi Books

2018The Broken OrnamentTony DiTerlizzi48
2015Story of Diva and FleaMo Willems80
2014Battle for WondLaTony DiTerlizzi480
2013A Hero for WondlaTony DiTerlizzi480
2013The Seeing StoneTony DiTerlizzi, Holly Black108
2012The Spider and the FlyMary Howitt40
2010Search for WondLaTony DiTerlizzi477
2009The Wyrm KingHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi224
2008Kenny & the DragonTony DiTerlizzi151
2008A Giant ProblemHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi176
2007The Nixie's SongTony DiTerlizzi, Holly Black192
2006Spiderwick Chronicles Care and Feeding of SpritesHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi32
2005Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around YouHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi142
2004The Wrath of MulgarathHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi160
2004The Ironwood TreeHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi128
2003Lucinda's SecretHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi114
2003The Field GuideHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi107
2003The Seeing StoneHolly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi114


Holly Black
Mo Willems
Mary Howitt

Book Dedications by Tony DiTerlizzi

  • For Holly and Theodor Black, the quintessential gothic couple.
    The Spider and the Fly