Zafouko Yamamoto

Zafeiroula Simopoulou, known professionally as Zafouko Yamamoto, is a greek illustrator specialising in children's books. She is known for illustrating the character of Ada Lovelace, from the famous book series Little People, Big Dreams by the author Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara. Zafouko lives and works in Greece, where she studied Architecture, before persuing carreer in the world of illustration. Some more things about her: She loves animals, drinking coffee, chewing gums and of course illustrating!

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Ada Lovelace book



If you weren't a children's book author/illustrator, what would you do?

I would definitely be an oceanologist or a criminologist.

Outside of writing/illustrating, what activities do you enjoy?

I love hiking.

Do you have any upcoming books you can tell us about?

There's a new book that will be released in Greece after Christmas 2018. It is called ''A Wonderful Day'' in free translation. I can't wait to see it in bookstores!

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Ada Lovelace book
Female Scientists
Ada Lovelace

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computers · science · biography · math · female role models · bravery
Ada Lovelace


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