Captain Antonio Corelli Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Captain Antonio Corelli
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    “You must allow Pelagia to become a doctor. She is not only my daughter. She is, since I have no son, the nearest to a son that I have fathered.”
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    “Don’t have any silly ideas about soldiers. Soldiers have mothers, you know, and most of us end up as farmers and fishermen like everyone else.”
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    “I just don’t understand why an artist like you would descend to being a soldier.”
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    “I know that she will never tell me that she is waiting for a new world where a Greek may love an Italian and think nothing of it.”
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    “I wish that you will have children together, and I wish that once or twice you will tell them about their Uncle Carlo that they never saw.”
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    “She must have a son’s prerogatives, because she will continue my life when I am gone. I have not brought her up to be a domestic slave, for the simple reason that such company would have been tedious in the absence of a son.”