Carlo Piero Guercio Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Carlo Piero Guercio
“I, Carlo Piero Guercio, testify that in the Army I found my family.”
“We fought and froze and died for the sake of an empire that has no purpose.”
“I wish that you will have children together, and I wish that once or twice you will tell them about their Uncle Carlo that they never saw.”
“We lost the war and were saved only when the Germans invaded from Bulgaria and opened a second front that the Greeks had no resources to defend.”
“He does not know that the ultimate truth is that history ought to consist only of the anecdotes of the little people who are caught up in it.”
“We were new and beautiful, we loved each other more than brothers, that’s for sure. What spoiled it always was that none of us knew why we were in Albania, none of us had an easy conscience about this rebuilding of the Roman Empire.”
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