Cecil Vyse Quotes

Three of the best book quotes from Cecil Vyse
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    ″‘I don’t know that you aren’t. I connect you with a view — a certain type of view. Why shouldn’t you connect me with a room?’
    She reflected a moment, and then said, laughing:
    ‘Do you know that you’re right? I do. I must be a poetess after all. When I think of you it’s always as in a room. How funny!’
    To her surprise, he seemed annoyed.
    ‘A drawing-room, pray? With no view?’
    ‘Yes, with no view, I fancy. Why not?’
    ‘I’d rather,’ he said reproachfully, ‘that you connected me with the open air.‘”
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    “The scales fell from Lucy’s eyes. How had she stood Cecil for a moment? He was absolutely intolerable, and the same evening she broke off her engagement.”
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    “He looked at her, instead of through her, for the first time since they were engaged. From a Leonardo she had become a living woman.”