consent Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about consent
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    “Because the major part hath by consenting voices declared a sovereign, he that dissented must now consent with the rest; that is, be contented to avow all the actions he shall do, or else justly be destroyed by the rest. For if he voluntarily entered into the congregation of them that were assembled, he sufficiently declared thereby his will, and therefore tacitly covenanted, to stand to what the major part should ordain: and therefore if he refuse to stand thereto, or make protestation against any of their decrees, he does contrary to his covenant, and therefore unjustly.”
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    “You can develop the right mental attitude when you realize that nothing external can upset you or hurt you without your mental consent.”
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    Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.
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    “Don’t start doing that.”
    “Agreeing with me. Sure path to destruction.”
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    “I cannot consent to pay for a privilege where I have intrinsic right.”