Dawson Cole Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Dawson Cole
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    “‘Because you aren’t just someone I loved back then. You were my best friend, my best self, and I can’t imagine giving that up again.’ He hesitated searching for the right words. ‘You might not understand, but I gave you the best of me, and after you left, nothing was ever the same.’”
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    “I gave you the best of me, he’d told her once, and with every beat of her son’s heart, she knew he’d done exactly that.”
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    “‘He’ll drag you down, Amanda, but right now you’re too young to understand that.’”
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    “I want to wake up with you beside me in the mornings. I want to spend my evenings looking at you across the dinner table. I want to share every mundane detail of my day with you and hear every detail of yours. I want to laugh with you and fall asleep with you in my arms.”
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    “Change isn’t always for the best.”