disruptive behavior Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about disruptive behavior
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    “I breathe and I shake and I can feel it coming and rage and need and confusion regret horror shame and hatred fuse into a perfect Fury a great and beautiful and terrible and perfect Fury the Fury and I can’t stop the Fury or control the Fury I can only let the Fury come come come come come.”
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    “You have very low self-esteem. You’re confrontational and tend to be aggressive, you sometimes react to confrontation with violence.”
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    “And I knew in my bones, in that moment, that what went on in these study walls would soon disrupt our whole way of life in Salem. And I was powerless to do anything about it. I felt myself go limp with fear. “I must go now,” I said to Ann Putnam.
    “Do go. And remember what I said this day. And thank you for the apple tarts.” Her evil laughter followed me out of the room.