Fyodor Pavlovitch Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Fyodor Pavlovitch
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    “I always feel when I meet people that I am lower than all, and that they all take me for a buffoon; so I say let me play the buffoon, for you are, every one of you, stupider and lower than I.”
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    “He was so carried away by his simulated emotion, that he was for one moment almost believing it himself.”
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    “It’s easier going to the other world if one knows what there is there.”
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    “But as soon as he had uttered his foolish tirade, he felt he had been talking absurd nonsense, and at once longed to prove to his audience, and above all to himself, that he had not been talking nonsense.”
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    “He longed to revenge himself on every one for his own unseemliness.”