MCC Berkshire Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from MCC Berkshire
″‘It didn’t seem right just to send him away. He was so very willing... Such a good-looking boy, too,’ she added vaguely. ‘What’s that got to do with it? He’s weird.‘”
“So they waited, and grumbled, and watched the macaroni cheese congeal between them on the table. But MCC Berkshire never came for his supper. Not that night or any night.”
″‘Oh, I’ll work for nothing! Don’t you worry about the money side. I haven’t got any, either. Don’t think another thing about it. A bite of lunch and a free run of the books you’ve got in stock.‘”
″‘But it was all lies,’ whispered Mrs. Povey, there being no polite way to put it. MCC Berkshire drew himself up to his full six foot and more. ‘Lies, madam?’ ‘Well, er... yes actually... lies.’ ‘Not lies, madam,’ he declared, magnificently unrepentant. ‘Fiction...‘”
″‘You’ll help me, won’t you?’ he cried, walking across to Ailsa on his knees. ‘You won’t see my thrown out to wander the streets with nothing but traffic signs and graffiti to read and nowhere to lay my head at night!‘”
“Let me tell it to you the way it was, and you judge for yourself if there isn’t a meaning and charm in the decline and fall of this clock.”
″‘You’re a Utilitarian, sir!’ said MCC, snatching it back. ‘I’m a Sikh, sir!’ ‘But you think a thing is beautiful only if it’s useful. You are a Utilitarian!‘”
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