eccentric Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about eccentric
″ Man is without any doubt the most interesting fool there is. Also the most eccentric. He hasn’t a single written law, in his Bible or out of it, which has any but just one purpose and intention -- to limit or defeat the law of God.”
“The poor are crazy, the rich just eccentric.”
″...if there was one race the People felt an affinity for it was the Irish. Perhaps it was their eccentricity, perhaps their dedication to the craic, as they called it. And if the People were actually related to humans, as another theory had it, odds are that the Emerald Isle was where it started.”
″‘It didn’t seem right just to send him away. He was so very willing... Such a good-looking boy, too,’ she added vaguely. ‘What’s that got to do with it? He’s weird.‘”
“Their replacement tutor, the Reverend Francis Copplestone, proves to be somewhat eccentric, over six feet tall and a student of bull-fighting.”
“My name is Marigold, but to one and all because my father is very memorable and eccentric and had been around at the school for a very long time before I was born- was only Bill’s Daughter. Hence Bilgewater. Oh hilarity, hilarity! Bilgewater Green.”
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