Miss Polly Harrington Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Miss Polly Harrington
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    “Miss Polly looked at the forlorn little gray bunch of neglected misery in Pollyanna’s arms, and shivered: Miss Polly did not care for cats—not even pretty, healthy, clean ones.”
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    “Nancy, WILL you tell me what this absurd ‘game’ is that the whole town seems to be babbling about? And what, please, has my niece to do with it? WHY does everybody, from Milly Snow to Mrs. Tom Payson, send word to her that they’re ‘playing it’? As near as I can judge, half the town are putting on blue ribbons, or stopping family quarrels, or learning to like something they never liked before, and all because of Pollyanna.”
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    “Don’t plunge into the middle of it as you did before—and mix everything all up!”
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    “I am a good woman, I hope; and I know my duty.”