the middle Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about the middle
“Don’t plunge into the middle of it as you did before—and mix everything all up!”
“The frog had found a sunny place in the middle of the pond. He was sitting on a lily pad. ‘I wonder if I could do that,’ said Kipper. But he couldn’t!”
“Because his feet were tired of hustling, he picked out a large clump of bushes and sat down right in the middle and ate blueberries.”
“As soon as they were back on their feet they circled round her so that the blanket was wrapped tighter and tighter. Then they tied the four corners together so that she could not possibly get out, and left her in the middle of the kitchen.”
“Little Toot was right in the middle of all the excitement. He watched his father work hard. Big Toot was the biggest and fastest tugboat on the river.”
“…right in the middle of the steaming and the making and the smelling and the baking Mickey poked through and said: ‘I’m not the milk and the milk’s not me! I’m Mickey!’ ”
“The major climbed up onto Longmount just behind his head. The adjutant climbed on too, but near the tail. ‘We always ride him like this,’ the Major explained. ‘Longmount is afraid that otherwise he’ll sag... he never let’s anyone sit in the middle.‘”
“Mr. Jeremy put on a macintosh, and a pair of shiny goloshes; he took his rod and basket, and set off with enormous hops to the place where he kept his boat. The boat was round and green, and very like the other lily-leaves. It was tied to a water-plant in the middle of the pond. Mr. Jeremy took a reed pole, and pushed the boat out into the open water.”
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