nursery rhymes Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about nursery rhymes
“Mr. Little said that, for one thing, there must be no references to “mice” in their conversations. He made Mrs. Little tear from the nursery songbook the page about the, ‘Three Blind Mice, See How They Run.’ ‘I don’t want Stuart to get a lot of notions in his head,’ said Mr. Little. ‘I should feel badly to have my son grow up fearing a farmer’s wife was going to cut off his tail with a carving knife.‘”
The poems range from the nonsensical near nursery rhyming of ‘Quack!’ said the billy-goat and As I went down Zig Zag to the haunting ballad strain of Mary, Mary Magdalane and the lyrical beauty and intensity of such poems as My mother saw a dancing bear, Tom Bone and Who?
“This is an important record of nursery and playground rhymes. Some you wouldn’t want to read to children but lots that are so important to keep alive.”
“This English book of nursery rhymes may well be prove to be one of the best loved of existing Mother Goose books....”
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