worried parents Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about worried parents
“Mr. and Mrs. Little often discussed Stuart quietly between themselves when he wasn’t around, for they had never quite recovered from the shock and surprise of having a mouse in the family. He was so very tiny and presented so many problems to his parents.”
“Mr. Little said that, for one thing, there must be no references to “mice” in their conversations. He made Mrs. Little tear from the nursery songbook the page about the, ‘Three Blind Mice, See How They Run.’ ‘I don’t want Stuart to get a lot of notions in his head,’ said Mr. Little. ‘I should feel badly to have my son grow up fearing a farmer’s wife was going to cut off his tail with a carving knife.‘”
“ ‘What’s the matter with Leo?’ asked Leo’s father. ‘Nothing,’ said Leo’s mother. ‘Leo is just a late bloomer.’ ‘Better late than never,’ thought Leo’s father.”
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