Old Nick Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Old Nick
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    “Nothing makes Ma scared. Except Old Nick maybe. Mostly she calls him just ‘him’, I didn’t even know the name for him until I saw a cartoon about a guy that comes in the night called Old Nick.”
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    ″‘I thought he was going to punish us too.’ I try to imagine. ‘Like if there were two Rooms, if he put me in one and you in the other one.‘”
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    “Beep beep, that’s Door. Ma jumps up and makes a sound, I think she hit her head. She shuts Wardrobe tight.”
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    “What if [Old Nick] comes and Ma won’t wake up, will he be even more madder? Will he make worse marks on her?”
    Emma Donoghue
    JackOld Nick

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