protectiveness Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about protectiveness
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    ″‘I can’t make you like me. I can’t stand the thought of you hungry or cold or scared. I can’t make you a Six.‘”
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    “I know it’s okay; he’s not flipped out because I picked him up and put him on my shoulders like he was a little kid.”
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    “Would you ask a mother to sell one of her children?”
    “Whyever not? They can always make more. Mothers sell their children every day.”
    “Not the Mother of Dragons.”
    “Not even for twenty ships?”
    “Not for a hundred.”
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    When Miri was eight years old, all the other children her age had started to work in the quarry - carrying water, fetching tools, and performing other basic tasks. When she had asked her Pa why she could not, he had taken her in his arms, kissed the top of her head ... he had said, ‘You are never to set foot in the quarry, my flower.‘”
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    “She looked up at him, her eyes as cold as the eyes of a lioness. This was Juana’s first baby – this was nearly everything there was in Juana’s world. And Kino saw her determination and the music of the family sounded in his head with a steely tone.”