ringing Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about ringing
“Brrrrring! Brrrrring! the phone was ringing. Happy rolled over. Brrrrring! Brrrrring! Happy jumped up. Brrrrring! Brrrrring! Brrrrring! The phone kept ringing. This time Happy picked it up. ‘Hello?’ he said. ‘Happy is here.”
“I looked behind me. He’d dropped his backpack and picked up a stone from the side of the road. He turned and lobbed it toward the bell tower of old First Congregational. I’d never heard that bell ring before.”
“BRRRRRRRRR! went the alarm clock, BRRRRR! Mrs. Bear sat up and rubbed her eyes. ‘Good morning, dear,’ she said. ‘Did you sleep well?‘”
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