teaching kids Quotes

Two of the best book quotes about teaching kids
“Then she cries loudly and a lot. Grandma thinks she’s probably just dropped the coin purse on the sidewalk. Didn’t she see it on the way back? ‘No,’ screams Molly. ‘It’s been stolen!’ Grandma goes out with her to look for it. When they have gotten halfway to the bakery, Molly finds it. How lucky! Grandma goes home and Molly walks the rest of the way by herself. ”
“She would go as a single woman who must work for her living. Her best chance, she had decided, lay in seeking employment as a governess in one of the wealthy families. She liked teaching children, and hopefully there might be a library where she could extend her own learning as well as that of her charges. Whatever befell, there would be a blue sky overhead, and the warmth and color and fragrance and beauty that her heart craved.”
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