Travis Parker Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Travis Parker
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    “Spending time with you showed me what I’ve been missing in my life.”
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    “How far should a person go in the name of true love?”
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    “I love you, Gabby, more than you’ll ever know. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted in a wife. You’re every hope and every dream I’ve ever had, and you’ve made me happier than any man could possibly be. I don’t ever want to give that up. I can’t.”
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    “How far would you go to keep the hope of love alive?”
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    “Staring at the stars was like staring backward in time, since some stars are so far away that their light takes millions of years just to reach us. That we see stars not as they look now, but as they were when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The whole concept just struck me as…amazing somehow.”
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    “You gotta know when to be lazy. Done correctly, it’s an art form that benefits everyone.”

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