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What We Bought: December Edition

December 15, 2021

Get your book wishlists up and ready to update! Here are the titles the Bookroo Crew bought in December and what we think of them.

Jane and Kesler:

What we were looking for: Expanding our Christmas Collection!

The Night of His Birth
The Night of His Birth
Written by Katherine Paterson & illustrated by Lisa Aisato
Personal Thoughts

The team reviewed this as part of a Bookroo review, and with our own new little one coming this month, the focus on the new baby Jesus and the experience of motherhood just pulled me in. Plus, the illustrations on this one are simply gorgeous!

The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold
Personal Thoughts

This is a spunky, silly, and utterly hilarious book that turns the idea of doubting Santa right on its head . . . now it's Santa who's not sure he believes in Harold (a little boy). We're a huge fan of Cale Atkinson's illustrations at our house, so that was a double bonus for us! Do be warned, it has the potential to raise some questions, so if they aren't already being raise, avoid this book :)

Tiffany and Chandler:

What we were looking for: Fun Christmas chapter and picture books!

The Christmas Pig
Personal Thoughts

Our kids have become fans of all things Harry Potter, so when they saw this new Christmas story from JK Rowling, it was at the top of their wishlist. They're tearing through the story of a lost favorite stuffed pig and a Christmas Eve journey to find it.

The Christmasaurus
Written by Tom Fletcher & illustrated by Shane Devries
Personal Thoughts

The Christmasaurus, written by bestselling UK author Tom Fletcher, is right on point with all the preferences of our second son: Santa Claus, elves, the North Pole, and dinosaurs. Lots of illustrations make it less intimidating for him as he's just starting into chapter books, and it's imaginative with quirky humor.

Personal Thoughts

Since we are in London, The Christmas Pine seemed like the perfect fit for our family. It celebrates the Norwegian Pine tree that is gifted to the UK every year as a thank you for their help to Norway during WWII. Poems are written about the Christmas Tree each year, and Julia Donaldson's was chosen in 2020 and then turned into this book! We can't wait to venture down to Trafalgar Square and see the Christmas Pine in person.

Rebecca and Tayler:

What we were looking for: A few favorite Christmas additions!

Personal Thoughts

This clever take on a Christmas idea will have you delighted and laughing throughout! Plus, the illustrations are adorably fun. I have a long list of Christmas books on my wishlist and choose a few each year to get, and this was an easy pick for this year (and for Kesler and Jane, it appears!).

Christmas Day in the Morning
Personal Thoughts

This story is one I grew up reading with my family every December, and it always tugs at my heartstrings. It brings me a greater desire to put myself out there to do something helpful for others, as well as a better eye for noticing the kind deeds others do for me. This book is a TOP Christmas tale for me!

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