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Question 1 of 14

The exiled cat tries to recruit whom before leaving?

  • Darkstripe, Longtail, and Dustpelt
  • Graystripe, Dustpelt, and Sandstorm
  • Longtail, Whitestorm, and Dustpelt
  • Darkstripe, Sandstorm, and Dustpelt

Question 2 of 14

Why do Fireheart and Graystripe visit Ravenpaw?

  • To find out the truth about Redtail's death
  • To check-in
  • To give him updates on Tigerclaw
  • To plan his entry back to the clans

Question 3 of 14

Who does Fireheart introduce Cloudpaw to outside of the clan?

  • Princess
  • Smudge
  • Ravenpaw
  • Barely

Question 4 of 14

What two messages does Spottedleaf give Fireheart?

  • "Water can quench fire" and "do not be afraid"
  • "Beware a warrior you cannot trust" and "do not be afriad"
  • "Fire alone can save our clan" and "do not be afriad"
  • "Water can quench fire" and "beware a warrior you cannot trust"

Question 5 of 14

What is Fireheart and Graystripe's punishment for helping Riverclan without telling Bluestar?

  • To act like apprentices and be supervised
  • To care for the elders
  • To help Yellowfang
  • To be watched by Tigerclaw on all their duties

Question 6 of 14

What do Fireheart and Graystripe decide to do for Riverclan?

  • Hunt prey for them
  • Give them shelter
  • Fight off the rouges for them
  • Try to fight the twolegs

Question 7 of 14

What forced Riverclan out of their camp?

  • The floods
  • Twolegs found the camp
  • An invasion of rouge cats
  • An invasion from another clan

Question 8 of 14

Who are Mistyfoot and Stonefur's parents?

  • Bluestar and Oakheart
  • Bluestar and Crookedstar
  • Oakheart and Graypool
  • Graypool and Crookedstar

Question 9 of 14

Who is Fireheart's new apprentice?

  • Cloudpaw
  • Swiftpaw
  • Brightpaw
  • Thornpaw

Question 10 of 14

What omen does Starclan send after Bluestar appoints a new deputy?

  • A piece of fresh-kill turned into crow-food
  • Clouds cover the moon
  • Clouds turn red
  • Catmint in fur

Question 11 of 14

Which Thunderclan cat joins Riverclan?

  • Graystripe
  • Goldenflower
  • Sandstorm
  • Tigerclaw

Question 12 of 14

Who is the new Thunderclan deputy?

  • Fireheart
  • Graystripe
  • Longtail
  • Whitestorm

Question 13 of 14

How does Brokentail die?

  • Yellowfang feeds him Deathberries
  • Tigerclaw kills him
  • Cinderpaw feeds him Deathberries
  • Starclan takes his life suddenly

Question 14 of 14

Who gets exiled?

  • Tigerclaw
  • Brokentail
  • Graystripe
  • Silverstream

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