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Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of animals and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world. As well as having great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich, mythical explanations for animal behavior. She is the author of the Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, and Bravelands series. She lives in the UK. Visit her online at

Journey to the Dragon Mountain
A Light in the Mist
Blood on the Plains
Onestar's Confession
Leopardstar's Honor
River of Secrets
Creatures of the Flood

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    chapter • 512 Pages
    Skyclan's Destiny
    #3 in Series
    Erin Hunter
    chapter • 240 Pages
    A Shadow in Riverclan
    #1 in Series
    Graphic Nov.
    Erin Hunter
    chapter • 368 Pages
    The Darkest Hour
    #6 in Series
    Erin Hunter
    chapter • 368 Pages
    Fire and Ice
    #2 in Series
    Erin Hunter
    chapter • 576 Pages
    Bluestar's Prophecy
    Erin Hunter
    chapter • 224 Pages
    Exile from ShadowClan
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    Graphic Nov.
    Erin Hunter

Book Stats


All Erin Hunter Books

2023Journey to the Dragon Mountain288
2022A Light in the Mist384
2022Blood on the Plains256
2022Onestar's Confession496
2022Leopardstar's Honor592
2022River of Secrets256
2022Creatures of the Flood272
2022Exile from ShadowClan224
2022Yellowfang's Secret544
2022Skyclan's Destiny512
2022The Place of No Stars320
2022The Venom Spreads288
2021Darkness Within368
2021Graystripe's Vow496
2021Winds of Change224
2021Shadows on the Mountain288
2021Veil of Shadows336
2021A Warrior's Choice352
2020The Silent Thaw368
2020Squirrelflight's Hope480
2020The Spirit-Eaters336
2020A Shadow in Riverclan240
2020Bramblestar's Storm528
2020Lost Stars320
2020Shifting Shadows352
2019The Raging Storm368
2019The Final BattleLaszlo KubinyiJulia Green352
2019Firestar's Quest544
2019Bluestar's Prophecy576
2019Blood and Bone320
2019River of Fire320
2018Darkest Night352
2018Code of Honor400
2018Crowfeather's Trial464
2018Tigerheart's Shadow464
2018The Exile's JourneyLaszlo KubinyiJulia Green320
2018Shattered Sky336
2018Broken Pride352
2017Thunder and Shadow416
2017Red Moon RisingLaszlo KubinyiJulia Green304
2017Into the ShadowsLaszlo KubinyiJulia Green336
2017Hawkwing's Journey480
2017The Apprentice's Quest352
2017Dead of NightLaszlo KubinyiJulia Green320
2017The Longest Day352
2016Moth Flight's Vision544
2016Path of Stars352
2016A Pack DividedLaszlo KubinyiJulia Green320
2016Thunder Rising368
2016A Forest Divided400
2016The First Battle352
2016The Blazing Star336
2016The Sun Trail368
2016Warriors: Shadows of the Clans336
2016The Burning Horizon320
2015Sign of the Moon368
2015Fading Echoes384
2015Night Whispers368
2015The Fourth Apprentice384
2015The Last Hope400
2015The Forgotten Warrior384
2015Storm of Dogs304
2015The Sight416
2015Long Shadows368
2015Dark River368
2015The Endless Lake336
2015Forest of Secrets368
2015Rising Storm368
2015A Dangerous Path368
2015Into the Wild320
2015Fire and Ice368
2015The Darkest Hour368
2015The Broken Path336
2015Forest of Wolves304
2014Warriors: Tales from the ClansWayne McLoughlin291
2014Tallstar's Revenge560
2014Darkness Falls320
2014Survivors: The Empty City and a Hidden Enemy592
2013The Ultimate GuideWayne McLoughlin256
2013Warriors: The Untold StoriesWayne McLoughlin320
2012The Melting Sea288
2012Crookedstar's Promise528
2012After the Flood112
2011Beyond the Code112
2011The Rescue112
2011Spirits in the Stars304
2011The Last Wilderness288
2010The Heart of a Warrior112
2010Battles of the Clans208
2010Fire in the Sky272
2010Smoke Mountain288
2010A Clan in Need112
2010Great Bear Lake320
2009Shattered Peace112
2009Code of the ClansWayne McLoughlin176
2009Return to the Clans112
2009The Quest Begins320
2008Escape from the Forest112
2008Into the Woods112
2008Cats of the ClansWayne McLoughlin112
2008The Rise of Scourge112
2008Warrior's Return112
2007Warrior's Refuge112
2007Secrets of the Clans176
2007The Lost Warrior112


Wayne McLoughlin
Laszlo Kubinyi
Julia Green


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