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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
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Question 1 of 15

What is Little Man's real name?

  • Clayton Chester
  • Jean Thomas
  • Charles Jr.
  • Ezra Michael

Question 2 of 15

T.J. does NOT do which of the following to Stacey?

  • Steal Stacey's favorite marble
  • Trick Stacey into getting his coat
  • Set up Stacey for cheating on a test
  • Get Stacey's mom fired at the school

Question 3 of 15

What is the name of the nearby town in the novel?

  • Strawberry
  • Clearwater
  • Johnsonville
  • Stansbury

Question 4 of 15

Why does Cassie want to get revenge on Lillian Jean?

  • Lillian Jean's father forces an apology from her
  • Lillian Jean kicks dirt onto Cassie's new dress
  • Lillian Jean makes fun of Cassie at school
  • Lillian Jean pushes Little Man into a mud puddle

Question 5 of 15

What job does Papa have?

  • Railroad worker
  • Lumberjack
  • Grocery store clerk
  • Construction worker

Question 6 of 15

How do the Logans pay off their loan at the bank?

  • Uncle Hammer sells his car
  • Mama takes in extra laundering
  • Big Ma sells her antique necklace
  • Stacey drops school and gets a job

Question 7 of 15

What do Stacey and Cassie get for Christmas?

  • Books
  • New sets of marbles
  • Clothes
  • Cookies made by Big Ma

Question 8 of 15

Who is the white boy that tries to befriend Stacey?

  • Jeremy Simms
  • T.J. Avery
  • Tom Young
  • Roger Jefferies

Question 9 of 15

On whose land do T.J. and his family sharecrop?

  • Harlan Granger
  • Kaleb Wallace
  • L.T. Morrison
  • Mr. Simms

Question 10 of 15

Which of the following is NOT a reason the Logans start a boycott on the Wallace store?

  • The Wallaces are overcharging black customers
  • Many people are going into debt buying at the Wallace store
  • The Wallaces participated in lynching a black man
  • There is a better store close by in Vicksburg

Question 11 of 15

Who was Big Ma's husband?

  • Paul Edward
  • She was never married
  • Nehemiah Taylor
  • Xavier White

Question 12 of 15

What do the Logans grow on their farm?

  • Cotton
  • Tobacco
  • Sugar
  • Okra

Question 13 of 15

What item did T.J. think the Simms boys were going to buy for him?

  • A pearl-handled pistol
  • An Egyptian dagger
  • A black pinstripe suit
  • Mildred Taylor's new book

Question 14 of 15

What sets apart the Logans from most of the African-American families in the novel?

  • They own their own land
  • They have more than two kids
  • They are home-schooled
  • They do not attend church

Question 15 of 15

What happens to L.T.'s parents?

  • A gang of white men kills them
  • They escape to New York
  • His father dies from a disease forcing his mom to take care of the children
  • L.T. doesn't know

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