Ghosters Book
Ghosters Book
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Written by Diana Corbitt

Published by Bedazzled Ink Publishing

Publisher's Summary

When twelve-year-old Theresa Martinez’s mom dies, money problems force her family to move into her dead grandmother’s creepy old mansion. Immediately, strange things start to happen. The powdered sugar she’s been searching the kitchen for suddenly falls out of a cupboard. Closed curtains are mysteriously open—all fun stuff for Theresa’s new ghost-obsessed friend Kerry. When they find out the reality show, Ghosters, is hosting a contest for the best paranormal recording, Theresa remembers Dad’s money problems and vows to win the contest. Along with Joey, her little brother who has Asperger’s, the girls use Kerry’s ghost-chasing equipment to hopefully capture prizewinning evidence. They soon discover that ghosts are just the tip of the stunning mysteries the old house holds.

Topics in Ghosters


  • Age Range: 9-12
  • Pages: 182
  • Book Type: chapter
  • Publication Date: May 1, 1960
  • ISBN: 1943837953
  • ISBN 13: 978-1943837953
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Diana Corbitt

Diana Corbitt lives in Northern California with her husband. She loves to get up in the morning, read the local paper, grab a cup of coffee, and write. She often loses track of time when writing, so if she has to be somewhere, she sets an alarm to make sure she keeps her appointments. At least it keeps her away from the snacks. She loves writing books that are scary and suspenseful because she’s always enjoyed being scared. She’s read every book Stephen King’s books and would really love to sit down and pick his brain—with questions…obviously.

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Diana Corbitt

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