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Bug Girl
Fury on the Dance Floor
Bug Girl
Bug Girl
Fury on the Dance Floor
chapter • 304 Pages
Bug Girl
#1 in Series
Book #1

Bug Girl

Written by Benjamin Harper and Sarah Hines Stephens & illustrated by Anoosha Syed
8 - 12
Reading age
Page count
May 29, 2018
Publication date


Sarah Hines Stephens and Benjamin Harper’s Bug Girl is a funny and action-packed middle-grade superhero adventure with a beautifully designed two color interior and sidebars featuring real bug facts! Amanda Price adores all things bug-related—from spiders to mantises—like, seriously loves them. Unfortunately most of her fellow sixth-graders do not share her invertebrate obsession. They’re grossed out by it. Especially Amanda’s ex-best friend, Emily, who thinks Amanda is creepy weird. But when mysterious invaders menace the town of Oyster Cove and take both Amanda and Emily’s mothers captive, Amanda unexpectedly develops amazing insectile powers! Newly equipped with antennae and a glistening exoskeleton she uncovers a secret that changes everything. Now Amanda has to act fast or her town and her mom are doomed! There’s just one complication…she needs Emily’s help. Suddenly Amanda’s worst enemy becomes her best ally, but working together may be even harder than saving their town from being squashed like a . . . well . . . BUG GIRL. She’s got the buzz. An Imprint Book “Bearing all the campy hallmarks and high drama of a classic superhero romp, this entertaining . . . tale also features interesting entomological tidbits throughout.” —Kirkus Reviews

Bug Girl Series

Published from 2018 - 2018
2 books
chapter • 304 Pages
Bug Girl
chapter • 304 Pages
Fury on the Dance Floor
#2 in Series
20181Bug GirlBenjamin Harper, Sarah Hines Stephens304
20182Fury on the Dance FloorBenjamin Harper, Sarah Hines Stephens304

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