Book Series

Stella Montgomery Books

In order from Withering-by-Sea to Wakestone Hall
Wormwood Mire
Wakestone Hall
Wormwood Mire

Stella Montgomery Series

Published from 2017 - 2020
3 books

The Creative Behind the Books

    Judith Rossell

    I am an illustrator and writer, and I live in Melbourne, which is down at the bottom, right hand corner of Australia. I have been writing and illustrating books for more than 20 years, I have written 13 books, and illustrated more than 80. I like tea and chocolate. My parents met in the belfry of a church. I have been bitten by both an Arctic Skua and an Antarctic Skua and I have had my lunch stolen by an emu. I have a fat cat who shouts at me when I sleep too late in the morning.

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