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In order from Abraham Lincoln: From Pioneer to President to Chief Joseph: The Voice for Peace
Abraham Lincoln: From Pioneer to President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A National Hero
John F. Kennedy: Voice of Hope
Eleanor Roosevelt: A Courageous Spirit
Thomas Jefferson: Architect of Freedom
chapter • 128 Pages
Abraham Lincoln: From Pioneer to President
Book #1

Abraham Lincoln: From Pioneer to President

Written by E. B. Phillips
10 - 12
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Feb 1, 2007
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Honest Abe, The Great Emancipator, The Martyr: Abraham Lincoln was perhaps America’s greatest President. He is also deeply beloved by many, who are inspired by Lincoln’s unwavering sense of justice and willingness to fight for his beliefs. Young readers will marvel at Lincoln’s path to greatness from his humble beginnings as a poor Illinois rail splitter up through his election as America’s 16th President, and into the dark days of the Civil War leading to his tragic assassination. In addition to background on his childhood and his marriage to Mary Todd, numerous sidebars provide simple explanations to relevant historical events such as the Dred Scott Decision and the Mexican Wars.

Sterling Biographies Series

Published from 2007 - 2010
40 books
2007Abraham Lincoln: From Pioneer to PresidentE. B. Phillips128
2007Franklin Delano Roosevelt: A National HeroSudipta Bardhan-Quallen124
2007John F. Kennedy: Voice of HopeMarie Hodge128
2007Eleanor Roosevelt: A Courageous SpiritVictoria Garrett Jones124
2007Thomas Jefferson: Architect of FreedomRita Thievon Mullin128
2007George Washington: An American LifeLaurie Calkhoven128
2007Harry Houdini: Death-Defying ShowmanRita Thievon Mullin124
2007Albert Einstein: The Miracle MindTabatha Yeatts128
2007The Wright Brothers: First in FlightTara Dixon-Engel124
2007Benjamin Franklin: Revolutionary InventorMaria Mihalik Higgins124
2007Thomas Edison: The Man Who Lit Up the WorldMartin Woodside128
2008Rosa Parks: Courageous CitizenRuth Ashby128
2008Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Dream of HopeAlice Mulcahey Fleming128
2008Frederick Douglass: A Powerful Voice for FreedomFrances E. Ruffin124
2008Marian Anderson: A Voice UpliftedVictoria Garrett Jones124
2008Harriet Tubman: Leading the Way to FreedomLaurie Calkhoven124
2008Matthew Henson: The Quest for the North PoleKathleen Olmstead124
2008Neil Armstrong: One Giant Leap for MankindTara Dixon-Engel, Mike Jackson128
2008Christopher Columbus: The Voyage That Changed the WorldEmma Carlson Berne124
2008Davy Crockett: Frontier LegendGeorge E. Stanley128
2008Lewis & Clark: Blazing a Trail WestJohn Burrows124
2008Jacques Cousteau: A Life Under the SeaKathleen Olmstead124
2009Marie Curie: Mother of Modern PhysicsJanice Borzendowski128
2009Amelia Earhart: A Life in FlightVictoria Garrett Jones128
2009Joan of Arc: Heavenly WarriorTabatha Yeatts124
2009Cleopatra: Egypt's Last and Greatest QueenSusan Blackaby128
2009Helen Keller: Courage in DarknessEmma Carlson Berne128
2009Anne Frank: Hidden HopeRita Thievon Mullin124
2010Babe Ruth: Legendary SluggerDavid Fischer124
2010Jesse Owens: Gold Medal HeroJim Gigliotti124
2010Jackie Robinson: Champion for EqualityMichael Teitelbaum128
2010Muhammad Ali: King of the RingStephen Timblin124
2010Lou Gehrig: Iron Horse of BaseballJames Buckley Jr.124
2010Jim Thorpe: An Athlete for the AgesEllen Labrecque124
2010Sitting Bull: Great Sioux HeroGeorge E. Stanley124
2010Pocahontas: A Life in Two WorldsVictoria Garrett Jones128
2010Sacagawea: Crossing the Continent with Lewis & ClarkEmma Carlson Berne124
2010Tecumseh: Shooting Star of the ShawneeDwight Jon Zimmerman124
2010Geronimo: Apache RenegadeGeorge Sullivan124
2010Chief Joseph: The Voice for PeaceLorraine Jean Hopping124

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