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The Story of Abraham Lincoln
The Story of Frida Kahlo
The Story of George Washington
The Story of Harriet Tubman
The Story of Jane Goodall
chapter • 76 Pages
The Story of Abraham Lincoln
Book #1

The Story of Abraham Lincoln

6 - 9
Reading age
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Mar 3, 2020
Publication date


Help kids ages 6 to 9 discover the life of Abraham Lincoln–a story about honesty, leadership, and staying true to your values Delve into the life of the 16th president of the United States–Abraham Lincoln–a man many say is the most important president in US history. Even before he ended slavery and reunited America, Abraham was a hard-working kid who believed in equality and freedom for everyone. He soon discovered that by learning as much as he could, he would be able to help people and change the world for the better. Of all the Abraham Lincoln books for kids, this one best explores how he went from being a poor farm boy with a dream to one of the most powerful leaders in US history. All Abraham Lincoln books for kids should include: Helpful definitions–Increase your knowledge with a glossary of easy-to-understand definitions for the more advanced words and ideas discussed. Lasting change–Learn about how Abraham made the world a better place for future generations. Visual timeline–Unlike many other Abraham Lincoln books for kids, this one includes a timeline so you can see how he grew into a great leader. If you’ve been curious about Abraham Lincoln books for kids, look no further–this one has you covered.

The Story of Series

Published from 2020 - 2024
45 books
2020The Story of Abraham Lincoln76
2020The Story of Frida KahloSusan B. Katz62
2020The Story of George WashingtonLisa Trusiani72
2020The Story of Harriet TubmanChristine Platt68
2020The Story of Jane GoodallSusan B. Katz64
2020The Story of Alexander Hamilton64
2020The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.Christine Platt68
2020The Story of Albert EinsteinSusan B. Katz70
2020The Story of Barack ObamaTonya Leslie68
2020The Story of the Wright BrothersAnnette Whipple66
2020The Story of Neil ArmstrongSarah L. Thomson64
2020The Story of Marie CurieSusan B. Katz68
2020The Story of Helen KellerChristine Platt62
2020The Story of Amelia EarhartStacia Deutsch64
2020The Story of Malala Yousafzai66
2020The Story of Fred RogersSusan B. Katz64
2020The Story of Benjamin Franklin66
2020The Story of GandhiSusan B. Katz68
2020The Story of Thomas JeffersonLisa Trusiani66
2021The Story of Jim HensonStacia Deutsch64
2021The Story of John Lewis66
2021The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci66
2021The Story of Anne FrankEmma Carlson Berne68
2021The Story of Jackie RobinsonAndrea Thorpe64
2021The Story of Michelle ObamaChristine Platt66
2021The Story of Joe Biden64
2021The Story of Stan Lee68
2021The Story of Nelson Mandela64
2021The Story of Kamala HarrisTonya Leslie62
2021The Story of Ruby Bridges64
2021The Story of Princess DianaJenna Grodzicki66
2021The Story of Simone BilesRachelle Burk66
2021The Story of Ruth Bader GinsburgSusan B. Katz62
2021The Story of Babe RuthJenna Grodzicki66
2021The Story of Eliza HamiltonNatasha Wing64
2021The Story of Misty CopelandFrank Berrios64
2021The Story of Katherine JohnsonAndrea Thorpe64
2021The Story of Ella FitzgeraldKathy Trusty64
2022The Story of Lin-Manuel MirandaFrank Berrios64
2022The Story of Walt DisneySusan B. Katz64
2022The Story of Selena Quintanilla64
2022The Story of Henry FordJenna Grodzicki64
2022The Story of Pablo Picasso64
2023The Story of Maya Angelou64
2024The Story of Sojourner Truth64

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