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Trombone Shorty
The 5 O'Clock Band
Trombone Shorty
The 5 O'Clock Band
Trombone Shorty
The 5 O'Clock Band
Trombone Shorty
picture • 40 Pages
Trombone Shorty
#1 in Series
Book #1

Trombone Shorty

Written by Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews & illustrated by Bryan Collier
4 - 8
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Apr 14, 2015
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A Grammy-nominated headliner for the New Orleans Jazz Fest describes his childhood in Tremâe and how he came to be a bandleader by age six.

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Trombone Shorty Series

Published from 2015 - 2018
2 books
picture • 40 Pages
Trombone Shorty
picture • 40 Pages
The 5 O'Clock Band
#2 in Series
20151Trombone Shorty40
20182The 5 O'Clock Band40

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