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Laura Gehl

Hi! I’m Laura Gehl. I spent many happy hours reading books as a kid, and now I get to spend many happy hours…and many frustrated, banging-my-head-against-the-wall hours…writing books for kids. Pretty much the best job ever. Except for the banging-my-head-against-the-wall part. These days, I also get to spend many happy hours reading books to my own four kids. Which is only fair, since I get most of my ideas from them! (Bio via lauragehl.com)

Author & Illustrator
Bella Gomez

I am a surface pattern designer and Illustrator living in Lewes, England.
My artworks and bold prints embrace my love of colour, form and nature and can been seen on murals, textiles, advertising, children’s wear, books, packaging and homeware.

I love the diversity of projects my work attracts and I’m constantly drawn by the impact print and pattern can have, be it in a space or on a product; it can inspire, have a narrative or be somewhere to let your mind wander.

My favourite projects include a huge mural for Hotel Figueroa, a scarf for cancer fighters, 5 Wild Numbers children’s book, artwork for a children’s treatment room and I always relish designing patterns for textiles and interiors.

As a child I was always happy making and creating and I feel lucky to have pursued a career in design. After 23 fun years lapping up work and life in London I now live amongst the Sussex Downs, with my 2 children and husband lapping up days at the beach and walking the countryside.

Author & Illustrator
Marc Martin

Marc Martin is the author and illustrator of many books for children, including A River, named a Best Illustrated Picture Book by the New York Times. He lives in Melbourne, Australia

Kaaren Pixton

Kaaren Pixton has been making art with children for many years. Kaaren’s studio is at her home in West Linn, Oregon, where she lives with her husband, one dog, five chickens, goldfish in a pond, and countless grandchildren romping in the gardens.

New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award
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