Aaron Blecha


Aaron Blecha is an artist and author who designs funny characters and illustrates humorous books. His work includes the Shark School series and Goodnight, Grizzle Grump! Originally from Wisconsin, Aaron now lives with his family by the south English seaside

Our Principal Is a Noodlehead!
Our Principal Is a Scaredy-Cat!
Our Principal Is a Spider!
Our Principal's Wacky Wishes!
Our Principal Breaks a Spell!
Our Principal's In His Underwear!
Our Principal Is a Wolf!
Our Principal Is a Frog!

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    Super Burp!
    Nancy Krulik, Aaron Blecha
    Trouble Magnet
    Nancy Krulik, Aaron Blecha
    Dance Your Pants Off!
    Nancy Krulik, Aaron Blecha
    World's Worst Wedgie
    Nancy Krulik, Aaron Blecha
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    Nancy Krulik, Aaron Blecha
    Help! I'm Stuck in a Giant Nostril!
    Nancy Krulik, Aaron Blecha

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All Aaron Blecha Books

2021Our Principal Is a Noodlehead!Stephanie Calmenson64
2021Our Principal Is a Scaredy-Cat!Stephanie Calmenson80
2021Our Principal Is a Spider!Stephanie Calmenson80
2020Our Principal's Wacky Wishes!Stephanie Calmenson64
2019Our Principal Breaks a Spell!Stephanie Calmenson64
2019Our Principal's In His Underwear!Stephanie Calmenson64
2018Our Principal Is a Wolf!Stephanie Calmenson64
2018Our Principal Is a Frog!Stephanie Calmenson64
2018Long Fin SilverDavy Ocean144
2017Fishin': ImpossibleDavy Ocean144
2017Return to the Scene of the BurpNancy Krulik128
2016Dribble, Dribble, Drool!Nancy Krulik128
2016It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Toiletman!Nancy Krulik128
2015Revenge of the Killer WormsNancy Krulik128
2015Royal Pain in the BurpNancy Krulik128
2015'Snot FunnyNancy Krulik128
2014How Do You Pee in Space?Nancy Krulik128
2014Burp or Treat...Smell My Feet!Nancy Krulik200
2014Lice CheckNancy Krulik128
2013Eww! What's on My Shoe?Nancy Krulik120
2013Three Burps and You're Out!Nancy Krulik128
2013Dance Your Pants Off!Nancy Krulik128
2012The Twelve Burps of ChristmasNancy Krulik184
2012Hey! Who Stole the Toilet?Nancy Krulik128
2012Attack of the Tighty Whities!Nancy Krulik123
2011Help! I'm Stuck in a Giant Nostril!Nancy Krulik128
2011Wet and Wild!Nancy Krulik128
2011What's Black and White and Stinks All Over?Nancy Krulik128
2010World's Worst WedgieNancy Krulik128
2010Trouble MagnetNancy Krulik128
2010Super Burp!Nancy Krulik128


Nancy Krulik
Stephanie Calmenson
Davy Ocean