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Nancy Krulik is the author of more than 200 books for children and young adults, including three New York Times bestsellers. She is best known, however, for being the author and creator of the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, George Brown Class Clown, How I Survived Middle School and Magic Bone book series. Nancy lives in Manhattan with her husband, composer Daniel Burwasser. When she’s not writing, Nancy can be found reading, going to concerts, traveling or running around Central Park with her crazy beagle mix, Josie.

Hide and Go Beak
Get a Hold of Your Elf!
Fangs for Having Us!
Long Time, No Sea Monster
I Want My Mummy!
Yo-Ho, Yo . . . No!
Gotta Warn the Unicorns!
The Dragon's Tale

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All Nancy Krulik Books

2022Hide and Go BeakCharlie Alder96
2021Get a Hold of Your Elf!144
2021Fangs for Having Us!144
2021Long Time, No Sea Monster144
2021I Want My Mummy!144
2020Yo-Ho, Yo . . . No!144
2019Gotta Warn the Unicorns!144
2019The Dragon's Tale144
2019Watch That Witch!Ben Balistreri144
2018Someone's Got a Screw LooseMike Moran112
2018Quit Buggin' Me!Ben Balistreri144
2018Bad Moooove!Ben Balistreri144
2018Give a 'Bot a BoneMike Moran112
2018Grilled Cheese and DragonsBen Balistreri144
2018Worse, Worser, WurstBen Balistreri144
2017Phone-Y FriendsMike Moran104
2017My Robot Ate My HomeworkMike Moran104
2017Return to the Scene of the BurpAaron Blecha128
2016Two Tales, One DogSebastien Braun192
2016Dribble, Dribble, Drool!Aaron Blecha128
2016Science No Fair!Mike Moran112
2016Soccer Shocker!Mike Moran104
2016Never Box with a KangarooSebastien Braun128
2016It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Toiletman!Aaron Blecha128
2016Broadway DoggieSebastien Braun128
2015Pup ArtSebastien Braun128
2015Revenge of the Killer WormsAaron Blecha128
2015Rootin' Tootin' Cow DogSebastien Braun128
2015Royal Pain in the BurpAaron Blecha128
2015Dogs Don't Have Webbed FeetSebastien Braun128
2015'Snot FunnyAaron Blecha128
2014How Do You Pee in Space?Aaron Blecha128
2014Don't Mess with the Ninja Puppy!Sebastien Braun128
2014Burp or Treat...Smell My Feet!Aaron Blecha200
2014Go Fetch!Sebastien Braun128
2014Lice CheckAaron Blecha128
2014Nice Snowing You!Sebastien Braun128
2013Follow That FurballSebastien Braun128
2013Eww! What's on My Shoe?Aaron Blecha120
2013Three Burps and You're Out!Aaron Blecha128
2013Be Careful What You Sniff forSebastien Braun128
2013All's Fair144
2013Dance Your Pants Off!Aaron Blecha128
2012The Twelve Burps of ChristmasAaron Blecha184
2012Hey! Who Stole the Toilet?Aaron Blecha128
2012Going Overboard!141
2012Attack of the Tighty Whities!Aaron Blecha123
2011Help! I'm Stuck in a Giant Nostril!Aaron Blecha128
2011Wet and Wild!Aaron Blecha128
2011What's Black and White and Stinks All Over?Aaron Blecha128
2011Three Cheers For... Who?80
2010World's Worst WedgieAaron Blecha128
2010Don't Be Such a Turkey!149
2010Trouble MagnetAaron Blecha128
2010Super Burp!Aaron Blecha128
2010Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!80
2010Fooled You!64
2010Red, White, And--Achoo!69
2009The 100th Day56
2009Holly's Jolly Christmas149
2009Going Batty80
2009Fire Alarm!57
2009First Day55
2009Tip-Top Tappin' Mom!80
2009Horsing Around76
2008Vote for Suzanne150
2008Major League Mess-Up80
2008Free the Worms!78
2008Flower Power80
2008No Messin' with My LessonWendy Wax75
2008Drat! You Copycat!Wendy Wax77
2007On Thin Ice156
2007My Pops Is Tops!76
2007Camp Rules!160
2007No Biz Like Show Biz80
2007Open Wide80
2006It's Snow Joke!76
2006I'm Game78
2006Doggone It!75
2006Witch Switch156
2006I Hate Rules!80
2006Get Lost!80
2006Be Nice to Mice78
2006Gotcha! Gotcha Back!80
2006Karate Katie78
2005Oh, Baby!80
2005Girls Don't Have Cooties80
2005A Katie Kazoo Christmas239
2005A Whirlwind Vacation160
2005Write On!80
2005Bad Rap80
2005Love Stinks!80
2004Friends for Never80
2004On Your Mark, Get Set, Laugh!80
2004Who's Afraid of Fourth Grade?160
2004No Bones About It74
2003Quiet on the Set!80
2003Any Way You Slice It80
2002Out to Lunch80
2002Anyone But Me80


Sebastien Braun
Aaron Blecha
Mike Moran
Ben Balistreri
Charlie Alder
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