Nancy Krulik

Nancy Krulik is the author of more than 200 books for children and young adults, including three New York Times bestsellers. She is best known, however, for being the author and creator of the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo, George Brown Class Clown, How I Survived Middle School and Magic Bone book series. Nancy lives in Manhattan with her husband, composer Daniel Burwasser. When she’s not writing, Nancy can be found reading, going to concerts, traveling or running around Central Park with her crazy beagle mix, Josie.

Most Recent Book
Watch That Witch! #5 (Princess Pulverizer) book

"About" from Penguin Random House website.

chapter Books

witches · princesses · knights · quests
Watch That Witch! #5 (Princess Pulverizer)
princesses · friendship · rescue
Quit Buggin' Me!
princesses · rescue
Bad Moooove!
knights · kindness · quests · princesses
Grilled Cheese and Dragons
wizards · quests · princesses · rescue
Worse, Worser, Wurst


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