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Geronimo Stilton is the publisher of The Rodent’s Gazette, Mouse Island’s most famouse newspaper. In his spare time, Mr. Stilton enjoys collecting antique cheese rinds, playing golf, and telling stories to his nephew Benjamin. He lives in New Mouse City, Mouse Island. Visit Geronimo online at

Mouse House of the Future
Intrigue on the Rodent Express
The Super Cup Face-Off
Last Ride at Luna Park
Blackrat's Treasure
Have a Heart, Geronimo
Great Rat Rally
The Mask of Rat Jit-Su

Most Popular Geronimo Stilton Books

    chapter • 116 Pages
    Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye
    #1 in Series
    Geronimo Stilton
    chapter • 320 Pages
    The Kingdom of Fantasy
    Geronimo Stilton
    chapter • 128 Pages
    Happy Birthday, Geronimo!
    #74 in Series
    Geronimo Stilton
    chapter • 128 Pages
    The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid
    #2 in Series
    Geronimo Stilton, Larry Keys, Matt Wolf
    chapter • 320 Pages
    The Quest for Paradise
    Geronimo Stilton
    chapter • 111 Pages
    Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House
    #3 in Series
    Geronimo Stilton

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All Geronimo Stilton Books

2022Mouse House of the FutureGeronimo Stilton56
2022Intrigue on the Rodent ExpressGeronimo Stilton64
2022The Super Cup Face-OffGeronimo Stilton128
2022Last Ride at Luna ParkGeronimo StiltonTom Angleberger208
2022Blackrat's TreasureGeronimo Stilton56
2022Have a Heart, GeronimoGeronimo Stilton128
2022Great Rat RallyGeronimo StiltonTom Angleberger208
2021The Mask of Rat Jit-SuGeronimo Stilton56
2021The Keepers of the EmpireGeronimo Stilton320
2021Garbage Dump DisasterGeronimo Stilton128
2021Mysterious Eye of the DragonGeronimo Stilton128
2021Hypno Tick-TockGeronimo Stilton56
2021Going Down to ChinatownGeronimo Stilton56
2021The Last Resort OasisGeronimo Stilton128
2021Slime for DinnerGeronimo Stilton, Tom AnglebergerTom Angleberger208
2021Out of TimeGeronimo Stilton320
2020Paws Off, Cheddarface!Geronimo Stilton56
2020Superstore SurpriseGeronimo Stilton128
2020The Battle for the Crystal CastleGeronimo Stilton320
2020Barry the MoustacheGeronimo Stilton64
2020The Sewer Rat StinkGeronimo Stilton, Tom Angleberger, Elisabetta DamiTom Angleberger208
2020The Sticky SituationGeronimo Stilton128
2020Time WarpGeronimo Stilton320
2020The Mummy with No NameGeronimo Stilton56
2019Happy Birthday, Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton128
2019Stop Acting AroundGeronimo Stilton56
2019The Missing MovieGeronimo Stilton128
2019A Christmas CarolGeronimo Stilton224
2019The Island of DragonsGeronimo Stilton320
2019It's My Scoop!Geronimo Stilton56
2019The Hawaiian HeistGeronimo Stilton128
2019The Test of TimeGeronimo Stilton320
2018Geronimo on Ice!Geronimo Stilton128
2018Operation: ShufongfongGeronimo Stilton56
2018The Phantom BanditGeronimo Stilton128
2018The Guardian of the RealmGeronimo Stilton320
2018Hug a Tree, GeronimoGeronimo Stilton128
2018The Dragon CrownGeronimo Stilton128
2018The Hunt for the Colosseum GhostGeronimo Stilton208
2018The Invisible PlanetGeronimo Stilton128
2018No Time to LoseGeronimo Stilton320
2017Cyber-Thief ShowdownGeronimo Stilton128
2017The Helmet HoldupGeronimo Stilton128
2017A Mammoth MysteryGeronimo Stilton128
2017The Chocolate ChaseGeronimo Stilton128
2017The Dragon of FortuneGeronimo Stilton592
2017We'll Bite Your Tail, Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton128
2017Lost in TranslationGeronimo StiltonRyan Jampole56
2017The Mysterious MessageGeronimo Stilton128
2017The Haunted DinosaurGeronimo Stilton128
2017Shoo, Caveflies!Geronimo Stilton128
2017Operation: Secret RecipeGeronimo Stilton128
2017The Ship of SecretsGeronimo Stilton320
2017Pirate Spacecat AttackGeronimo Stilton128
2017Stay Strong, Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton128
2017The Hunt for the 100th KeyGeronimo Stilton224
2017The Smelly SearchGeronimo Stilton128
2017Slurp Monster ShowdownGeronimo Stilton128
2017Lost in TimeGeronimo Stilton320
2016Bollywood BurglaryGeronimo Stilton128
2016Pull the Dragon's Tooth!Geronimo Stilton128
2016First to the Last Place on EarthGeronimo StiltonRyan Jampole56
2016Paws Off the Pearl!Geronimo Stilton128
2016Magical MissionGeronimo Stilton128
2016Away in a Star SledGeronimo Stilton128
2016The Wizard's WandGeronimo Stilton320
2016The Phantom of the TheaterGeronimo Stilton128
2016The Famouse Fjord RaceGeronimo Stilton128
2016Sea Monster SurpriseGeronimo Stilton128
2016The Cheese ExperimentGeronimo Stilton128
2016The Hour of MagicGeronimo Stilton320
2016The Mystery of the Pirate ShipGeronimo Stilton56
2016Beware! Space Junk!Geronimo Stilton128
2016The Hunt for the Secret PapyrusGeronimo Stilton224
2016Attack of the DragonsGeronimo Stilton128
2016My Autosaurus Will Win!Geronimo Stilton128
2016The Race Against TimeGeronimo Stilton320
2016The Underwater PlanetGeronimo Stilton128
2015Mouse Overboard!Geronimo Stilton128
2015Get the Scoop, Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton128
2015Mouse House HunterGeronimo Stilton128
2015Rescue RebellionGeronimo Stilton128
2015The Phoenix of DestinyGeronimo Stilton592
2015Lights, Camera, Stilton!Geronimo Stilton56
2015A Suitcase Full of GhostsGeronimo Stilton128
2015Surfing for SecretsGeronimo Stilton128
2015The Treasure of Easter IslandGeronimo Stilton128
2015The Enchanted CharmsGeronimo Stilton320
2015The Galactic GoalGeronimo Stilton128
2015The Hunt for the Curious CheeseGeronimo Stilton224
2015I'm a Scaredy-Mouse!Geronimo Stilton128
2015Back in TimeGeronimo Stilton320
2015Ice Planet AdventureGeronimo Stilton128
2015All for Stilton, Stilton for All!Geronimo Stilton56
2014Welcome to Moldy ManorGeronimo Stilton128
2014Don't Wake the Dinosaur!Geronimo Stilton128
2014The Super Chef ContestGeronimo Stilton107
2014The Search for TreasureGeronimo Stilton320
2014Ride for Your Life!Geronimo Stilton128
2014You're Mine, Captain!Geronimo Stilton128
2014The Stinky Cheese VacationGeronimo Stilton128
2014The First Mouse on the MoonGeronimo Stilton56
2014The Great Mouse RaceGeronimo Stilton128
2014Alien EscapeGeronimo Stilton128
2014The Hunt for the Golden BookGeronimo Stilton224
2014The Fast and the FrozenGeronimo Stilton128
2014The Journey Through TimeGeronimo Stilton282
2014Flight of the Red BanditGeronimo Stilton128
2013The Fastest Train in the WestGeronimo Stilton56
2013Help, I'm in Hot Lava!Geronimo Stilton128
2013The Golden Statue PlotGeronimo Stilton128
2013The Volcano of FireGeronimo Stilton320
2013Fright NightGeronimo Stilton128
2013Get Into Gear, Stilton!Geronimo Stilton128
2013Watch Your Tail!Geronimo Stilton128
2013Rumble in the JungleGeronimo Stilton128
2013The First SamuraiGeronimo Stilton54
2013Mouse in Space!Geronimo Stilton128
2013The Stone of FireGeronimo Stilton115
2012We'll Always Have ParisGeronimo Stilton56
2012The Enormouse Pearl HeistGeronimo Stilton128
2012The Dragon ProphecyGeronimo Stilton320
2012Return of the VampireGeronimo Stilton128
2012This Hotel Is Haunted!Geronimo Stilton128
2012Geronimo Stilton Saves the OlympicsGeronimo Stilton56
2012The Way of the SamuraiGeronimo Stilton128
2012Ghost Pirate TreasureGeronimo Stilton128
2012The Weird Book MachineGeronimo Stilton50
2012The Mystery in VeniceGeronimo Stilton128
2011Run for the Hills, Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton108
2011Play It Again, Mozart!Geronimo Stilton56
2011The Amazing VoyageGeronimo Stilton320
2011The Thirteen GhostsGeronimo Stilton111
2011Meet Me in HorrorwoodGeronimo Stilton128
2011The Haunted CastleGeronimo Stilton128
2011Save the White Whale!Geronimo Stilton128
2011Dinosaurs in Action!Geronimo Stilton56
2011The Giant Diamond RobberyGeronimo Stilton128
2010Who Stole the Mona Lisa?Geronimo Stilton55
2010I'm Not a Supermouse!Geronimo Stilton128
2010The Quest for ParadiseGeronimo Stilton320
2010The Great Ice AgeGeronimo Stilton56
2010The Peculiar Pumpkin ThiefGeronimo Stilton128
2010Following the Trail of Marco PoloGeronimo Stilton56
2010Mighty Mount KilimanjaroGeronimo Stilton128
2010The Karate MouseGeronimo Stilton128
2009The Kingdom of FantasyGeronimo Stilton320
2009The Coliseum ConGeronimo Stilton56
2009Singing SensationGeronimo Stilton128
2009The Secret of the SphinxGeronimo Stilton56
2009The Discovery of AmericaGeronimo Stilton56
2009A Fabumouse School AdventureGeronimo Stilton128
2009The Race Across AmericaGeronimo Stilton128
2009Geronimo's ValentineGeronimo Stilton128
2008A Very Merry ChristmasGeronimo Stilton128
2008Geronimo Stilton, Secret AgentGeronimo Stilton128
2008Geronimo and the Gold Medal MysteryGeronimo Stilton128
2008Valley of the Giant SkeletonsGeronimo Stilton128
2007Christmas CatastropheGeronimo Stilton128
2007The Mysterious Cheese ThiefGeronimo Stilton128
2007The Mouse Island MarathonGeronimo Stilton128
2007Down and Out Down UnderGeronimo Stilton128
2007Wedding CrasherGeronimo Stilton128
2006The Christmas Toy FactoryGeronimo Stilton128
2006The Mummy with No NameGeronimo Stilton128
2006The Search for Sunken TreasureGeronimo Stilton128
2006Field Trip to Niagara FallsGeronimo Stilton128
2006Valentine's Day DisasterGeronimo Stilton128
2005A Christmas TaleGeronimo Stilton64
2005The Secret of Cacklefur CastleGeronimo Stilton128
2005The Wild Wild WestGeronimo Stilton128
2005Surf's Up Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton128
2005My Name Is Stilton, Geronimo StiltonGeronimo Stilton128
2005Shipwreck on the Pirate IslandsGeronimo Stilton107
2005Watch Your Whiskers, Stilton!Geronimo Stilton128
2005A Cheese-Colored CamperGeronimo Stilton111
2005The Mona Mousa CodeGeronimo Stilton112
2004The Temple of the Ruby of FireGeronimo Stilton128
2004The Phantom of the SubwayGeronimo Stilton128
2004Merry Christmas, Geronimo!Geronimo Stilton113
2004It's Halloween, You 'Fraidy Mouse!Geronimo Stilton128
2004All Because of a Cup of CoffeeGeronimo Stilton128
2004Fabumouse Vacation for GeronimoGeronimo Stilton112
2004Attack of the Bandit CatsGeronimo Stilton128
2004Red Pizzas for a Blue CountGeronimo StiltonLarry Keys116
2004Paws Off, Cheddarface!Geronimo StiltonLarry Keys113
2004Four Mice Deep in the JungleGeronimo Stilton128
2004I'm Too Fond of My Fur!Geronimo StiltonLarry Keys128
2004Cat and Mouse in a Haunted HouseGeronimo Stilton111
2004Lost Treasure of the Emerald EyeGeronimo Stilton116
2004The Curse of the Cheese PyramidGeronimo StiltonLarry KeysMatt Wolf128


Larry Keys
Matt Wolf
Tom Angleberger
Elisabetta Dami
Ryan Jampole


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