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Curious George: Wash Your Hands
Curious George Curious You: On Your Way! Gift Edition
Curious George Funny Face
Curious George Votes
Curious George and the Summer Games
Curious George: Curious about Spring
Curious George Goes Swimming
Curious George: Curious about Summer
Curious George: Trash Into Treasure
Curious George in the Big Surprise!
Curious George Good Night, Zoo

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    Curious George Goes Camping
    H. A. Rey
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    Curious George and the Pizza Party with Downloadable Audio
    H. A. Rey
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    Good Night, Curious George
    Greg Paprocki, H. A. Rey
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    Curious George Curious You: On Your Way! Gift Edition
    H. A. Rey
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    Happy Birthday, Curious George
    H. A. Rey
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    Curious George and the Birthday Surprise
    H. A. Rey, Martha Weston

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All H. A. Rey Books

2021Curious George: Wash Your HandsH. A. Rey20
2021Curious George Curious You: On Your Way! Gift EditionH. A. Rey32
2020Curious George Funny FaceH. A. Rey12
2020Curious George VotesMargret Rey, H. A. Rey24
2020Curious George and the Summer GamesMargret Rey, H. A. Rey24
2020Curious George: Curious about SpringH. A. Rey14
2019Curious George Goes SwimmingH. A. Rey24
2019Curious George: Curious about SummerH. A. Rey14
2019Curious George: Trash Into TreasureH. A. Rey24
2019Curious George in the Big Surprise!H. A. Rey40
2019Curious George Good Night, ZooH. A. Rey24
2018Curious George: Curious about WinterH. A. Rey14
2018Curious George: A Halloween Boo FestH. A. Rey12
2018Curious George in Super George!H. A. Rey, Margret Rey40
2017Curious George Makes a ValentineH. A. Rey24
2017Good Night, Curious GeorgeH. A. ReyGreg Paprocki12
2017Get Well, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey24
2017Curious George Harvest HoedownH. A. Rey24
2017Curious George: Ready for SchoolH. A. Rey14
2017Curious George Builds a Tree HouseH. A. Rey24
2017Curious George Plays SoccerH. A. Rey24
2017Curious George Discovers RecyclingH. A. Rey32
2016Curious George Discovers the SeasonsH. A. Rey32
2016Happy Birthday, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey14
2016Curious George Discovers PlantsH. A. Rey32
2016Curious George Discovers the StarsH. A. Rey32
2016Curious George Lemonade StandH. A. Rey24
2015Curious George Discovers the SensesH. A. Rey32
2015Curious George Fire Dog RescueH. A. Rey24
2015Curious George Discovers the OceanH. A. Rey32
2015Curious George Discovers GermsH. A. Rey32
2015Curious George Visits the DentistH. A. Rey24
2015Where Is Curious George? Around the Town: A Look-And-Find BookH. A. Rey32
2014Curious George's Train (Mini Movers Shaped Board Books)H. A. Rey12
2014Curious George: Windy DeliveryH. A. Rey24
2014Curious George Chasing WavesH. A. Rey24
2014Happy St. Patrick's Day, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey14
2014Curious George Saves His PenniesH. A. Rey24
2013Curious George Builds an IglooH. A. Rey24
2013Sweet Dreams, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey24
2013Curious George and the Pizza Party with Downloadable AudioH. A. Rey24
2013Curious George: Car WashH. A. Rey24
2013Where Is Curious George?: A Look and Find BookH. A. Rey32
2012Curious George Says Thank YouH. A. Rey24
2012Merry Christmas, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey32
2012Librarian for a DayH. A. Rey24
2012Curious George: Apple HarvestH. A. Rey24
2012Curious George Goes to the ZooH. A. Rey24
2011Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100H. A. Rey80
2011Curious George Builds a HomeH. A. Rey24
2011Curious George: Time for SchoolH. A. Rey16
2011Curious George: Rain or ShineH. A. Rey24
2011Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George!H. A. Rey14
2011Curious George and the Ice Cream SurpriseH. A. ReyH. A. Rey24
2010Happy Thanksgiving, Curious GeorgeH. A. ReyH. A. Rey14
2010Curious George Race DayH. A. Rey24
2010Curious George: A Winter's NapH. A. Rey24
2010Curious George: Plumber's HelperH. A. Rey24
2010Happy Easter, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey24
2010Curious Baby Curious George: My First Words at the ZooH. A. Rey12
2010Curious George: The Perfect CarrotH. A. Rey24
2009Curious George: Christmas CountdownH. A. Rey14
2009Curious Baby Counting: My First Book of NumbersH. A. Rey12
2009Curious George Up, Up, and AwayH. A. Rey24
2009Pinata PartyH. A. Rey24
2008Curious George The Surprise GiftH. A. Rey24
2008Happy Halloween, Curious GeorgeH. A. Rey14
2008Curious George's NeighborhoodH. A. Rey10
2008Curious about PhonicsH. A. Rey192
2007Curious George Snowy DayH. A. Rey24
2007Roller CoasterH. A. Rey24
2007Curious George at the AquariumMargret Rey, H. A. ReyAnna Grossnickle Hines24
2007Curious George Good Night Book Tabbed Board BookH. A. Rey14
2007Curious George Tadpole TroubleH. A. Rey24
2007The Donut DeliveryH. A. Rey24
2007Curious George Color FunH. A. Rey12
2007Curious George and the KiteH. A. Rey24
2006Curious George's First Words at the CircusH. A. Rey12
2006Curious George at the Baseball GameH. A. ReyAnna Grossnickle Hines24
2006Curious George First Words at the FarmMargret Rey, H. A. Rey12
2005Curious George's First Day of SchoolMargret Rey, H. A. Rey24
2004Curious George and the FirefightersAnna Grossnickle HinesH. A. Rey24
2003Curious George and the Birthday SurpriseH. A. ReyMartha Weston24
2003Curious George and Friends: Favorite Stories by Margret and H.A. ReyH. A. Rey, Margret ReyH. A. Rey272
2003Curious George Visits the LibraryMargret Rey, H. A. ReyMartha Weston24
2002Curious George Visits a Toy StoreH. A. Rey, Margret Rey24
2002Curious George Takes a TrainMargret Rey, H. A. ReyMartha Weston24
2001Curious George in the Big CityH. A. Rey24
2001Curious George Goes to a Costume PartyH. A. Rey24
2001Curious George RidesH. A. Rey, Margret Rey22
2001Curious George's 1 to 10 and Back AgainH. A. Rey, Margret Rey26
2001Curious George and the RocketMargret ReyH. A. Rey22
1999Curious George Goes to the BeachMargret ReyH. A. Rey32
1999Curious George at the ParadeH. A. Rey24
1999Curious George and the Dump TruckH. A. Rey24
1999Curious George Goes CampingH. A. Rey24
1998Curious George Goes to a MovieH. A. Rey24
1998Curious George Feeds the AnimalsMargret Rey, H. A. Rey24
1998Curious George's DreamH. A. Rey, Margret Rey24
1998Curious George in the SnowH. A. Rey, Margret Rey24
1998Curious George and the Hot Air BalloonH. A. Rey, Margret Rey24
1998Curious George's OppositesH. A. Rey16
1998Curious George's Are You Curious?H. A. Rey16
1998Curious George and the BunnyH. A. Rey12
1998Curious George's ABCsH. A. Rey12
1998Curious George Goes to a Chocolate FactoryH. A. ReyH. A. Rey64
1989Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream StoreH. A. Rey, Margret Rey32
1986Curious George Plays BaseballH. A. Rey, Margret Rey30
1974Curious George Takes a JobH. A. ReyH. A. Rey48
1973Curious George Learns the AlphabetH. A. Rey, Margret Rey72
1966Curious George Goes to the HospitalH. A. Rey, Margret Rey48
1963Curious George Rides a BikeH. A. ReyH. A. Rey48
1941Curious GeorgeH. A. ReyH. A. Rey64


Greg Paprocki
Martha Weston
Margret Rey
Anna Grossnickle Hines


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