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Jacky Davis


David Soman and Jacky Davis are a husband-and-wife picture book team and the creators of the New York Times bestselling Ladybug Girl series, which has entertained young readers for over a decade. They live together in Rosendale, NY, with their children and their rescue dog.

Agent Lion and the Case of the Missing Party
Agent Lion
Olive & Pekoe
Bumblebee Boy Loves...
Ladybug Girl's Day Out with Grandpa
Black Belt Bunny
Ladybug Girl and Her Papa
Ladybug Girl Gives Thanks
Ladybug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate
I Love You, Bingo
Ladybug Girl: Ready for Snow

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    Jacky Davis, David Soman
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All Jacky Davis Books

2021Agent Lion and the Case of the Missing PartyDavid Soman, Jacky DavisDavid Soman40
2020Agent LionJacky Davis, David SomanDavid Soman40
2019Olive & PekoeJacky DavisGiselle Potter40
2017Bumblebee Boy Loves...Jacky DavisDavid Soman12
2017Ladybug Girl's Day Out with GrandpaJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2017Black Belt BunnyJacky DavisJay Fleck40
2017Ladybug Girl and Her PapaJacky DavisDavid Soman12
2016Ladybug Girl Gives ThanksJacky DavisDavid Soman14
2015Ladybug Girl and the Best Ever PlaydateJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2015I Love You, BingoJacky DavisDavid Soman32
2014Ladybug Girl: Ready for SnowJacky DavisDavid Soman12
2014Do You Like These Boots?Jacky DavisJacky Davis32
2014Ladybug Girl Says Good NightJacky DavisDavid Soman12
2014Ladybug Girl and the Dress-Up DilemmaJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2013Who Can Play?Jacky DavisDavid Soman32
2013Ladybug Girl and the Big SnowJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2013Ladybug Girl PlaysJacky DavisDavid Soman12
2013Ladybug Girl and Her MamaJacky DavisDavid Soman12
2012Ladybug Girl Feels HappyJacky DavisDavid Soman14
2012Ladybug Girl and BingoJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2011The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee BoyJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2011Ladybug Girl and the Bug SquadJacky DavisDavid Soman32
2010Ladybug Girl at the BeachJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2010Ladybug Girl Loves...Jacky DavisJacky DavisDavid Soman12
2010Ladybug Girl Dresses Up!Jacky DavisDavid Soman12
2009Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee BoyJacky DavisDavid Soman40
2008Ladybug GirlJacky DavisDavid Soman32
1960Ladybug Girl Makes FriendsJacky DavisDavid Soman12


David Soman
Jay Fleck
Giselle Potter

Book Dedications by Jacky Davis

  • To Stephanie Morgan, the incredible children's librarian at Kingston Library
    Agent Lion