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Molly Idle


Molly Idle graduated from Arizona State University with a BFA in drawing and began her career at DreamWorks Feature Animation Studios. She now lives in Arizona with her husband, two sons, and two snuggly cats. Tea Rex is her first book.

We Believe in You
People Share with People
People Don't Bite People
Santa Rex
Flora and the Ostrich
Zombelina School Days
Poppy Louise Is Not Afraid of Anything
Flora and the Chicks
Flora and the Peacocks
Sea Rex

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    Molly Idle
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    Molly Idle
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    Molly Idle
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All Molly Idle Books

2020We Believe in YouBeth Ferry32
2020CoralMolly Idle40
2019People Share with PeopleLisa Wheeler40
2018PearlMolly Idle48
2018People Don't Bite PeopleLisa Wheeler40
2017Santa RexMolly Idle40
2017Flora and the OstrichMolly Idle20
2017Zombelina School DaysKristyn Crow40
2017Poppy Louise Is Not Afraid of AnythingJenna McCarthy40
2017Flora and the ChicksMolly Idle20
2016Flora and the PeacocksMolly Idle40
2015Sea RexMolly Idle40
2014Flora and the PenguinMolly Idle40
2014Camp RexMolly Idle40
2013Tea RexMolly Idle40
2013Flora and the FlamingoMolly Idle32


Lisa Wheeler
Beth Ferry
Kristyn Crow
Jenna McCarthy

Book Dedications by Molly Idle

  • For Susan, Sarah, and Katie--three beautiful, brave, and brilliant birds.
    Flora and the Peacocks
  • For Mom and Dad, who believed in me from the very start.
    We Believe in You
  • To Stevie D. by the Sea
    Sea Rex