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Rick Riordan ( is the author of the # 1 New York Times best-selling The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero; The Heroes of Olympus, Book Two: The Son of Neptune; The Heroes of Olympus, Book Three: The Mark of Athena; the #1 New York Times best-selling Kane Chronicles; and the five books in the #1 New York Times best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. His previous novels for adults include the hugely popular Tres Navarre series, winner of the top three awards in the mystery genre. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and two sons.

Daughter of the Deep
The Tower of Nero
Trials of Apollo Camp Jupiter Classified: An Official Rick Riordan Companion Book: A Probatio's Journal
The Tyrant's Tomb
Trials of Apollo: The Burning Maze
The Last Olympian
The Battle of the Labyrinth
9 from the Nine Worlds

Most Popular Rick Riordan Books

    The Last Olympian
    #5 in Series
    Rick Riordan, John Rocco
    The Titan's Curse
    #3 in Series
    Rick Riordan
    The Sea of Monsters
    #2 in Series
    John Rocco, Rick Riordan
    The Battle of the Labyrinth
    #4 in Series
    Rick Riordan
    Daughter of the Deep
    Rick Riordan
    The Lightning Thief
    #1 in Series
    Rick Riordan, John Rocco

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All Rick Riordan Books

2021Daughter of the DeepRick Riordan352
2020The Tower of NeroRick Riordan448
2020Trials of Apollo Camp Jupiter Classified: An Official Rick Riordan Companion Book: A Probatio's JournalRick Riordan176
2019The Tyrant's TombRick Riordan448
2019Trials of Apollo: The Burning MazeRick Riordan464
2019The Last OlympianRick Riordan128
2018The Battle of the LabyrinthRick Riordan128
20189 from the Nine WorldsRick Riordan176
2018The Lightning Thief (Illustrated Edition)Rick RiordanJohn Rocco240
2018The Burning MazeRick Riordan448
2018The Serpent's ShadowRick Riordan496
2018The Throne of FireRick Riordan528
2017Magnus Chase and the Gods of AsgardRick Riordan432
2017The Dark ProphecyRick Riordan432
2017The Sword of SummerRick RiordanRick Riordan544
2017Percy Jackson's Greek HeroesRick RiordanJohn Rocco528
2016The Hammer of ThorRick Riordan480
2016For Magnus Chase: Hotel Valhalla Guide to the Norse WorldsRick Riordan176
2016The Hidden OracleRick Riordan384
2016Demigods & Magicians: Percy and Annabeth Meet the KanesRick Riordan224
2016Percy Jackson's Greek GodsRick RiordanJohn Rocco416
2014The Blood of OlympusRick Riordan528
2013The Titan's CurseRick Riordan128
2013The House of HadesRick Riordan608
2013The Sea of MonstersRick Riordan128
2012The Mark of AthenaRick Riordan608
2012Heroes of Olympus the Demigod DiariesRick Riordan242
2011The Son of NeptuneRick Riordan544
2011Kane Chronicles, Book Two the Throne of FireRick Riordan464
2011Vespers RisingRick Riordan, Peter Lerangis, Gordon Korman240
2011The Last OlympianRick Riordan, John RoccoJohn Rocco432
2010The Lost HeroRick Riordan576
2010The Lightning ThiefRick Riordan128
2010The Red PyramidRick Riordan528
2009The Battle of the LabyrinthRick Riordan400
2009The Demigod FilesRick Riordan160
2008The Titan's CurseRick Riordan352
2008The Maze of BonesRick Riordan1494
2007Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book Three the Titan's CurseRick Riordan320
2007The Sea of MonstersRick RiordanJohn Rocco279
2005The Lightning ThiefRick RiordanJohn Rocco377


John Rocco
Peter Lerangis
Gordon Korman

Book Dedications by Rick Riordan

  • To Mrs. Pabst, my eighth grade English teacher, who started me on my journey as a writer.
    The Last Olympian
  • To Topher Bradfield. A camper who has made a world of difference
    The Titan's Curse
  • To Patrick John Riordan, the best storyteller in the family
    The Sea of Monsters
  • To Becky, who always leads me through the maze
    The Battle of the Labyrinth
  • To Haley, who heard the story first
    The Lightning Thief


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