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Sandra Boynton is a beloved American cartoonist, children’s author, songwriter, and highly sporadic short film director. Boynton has written and illustrated sixty children’s books and seven general audience books, including five New York Times bestsellers. More than 70 million of her books have been sold—“mostly to friends and family,” she says. Boynton has also written and produced six albums of unconventional children’s music; three of her albums have been certified Gold (over 500,000 copies sold), and Philadelphia Chickens, nominated for a Grammy, has gone Platinum (over one million copies sold). Boynton has also written and directed eleven short musical films and two animated shorts, including “Tyrannosaurus Funk,” sung by Samuel L. Jackson, which won the 2018 Grand Prize for Best Children’s Animation Short from the Rhode Island International Film Festival. In 2008, Boynton received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Cartoonists Society. Boynton has four perfect children and an equally perfect granddaughter. Her Connecticut studio is in a converted barn that has perhaps the only hippopotamus weathervane in America.

Woodland Dance!
Boo! Baa, La La La!
Jungle Night
Your Nose!
Silly Lullaby
I Love You, Little Pookie
Merry Christmas, Little Pookie
But Not the Armadillo
Here, George!
Little Pookie
Let's Dance, Little Pookie

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All Sandra Boynton Books

2021Woodland Dance!24
2021Boo! Baa, La La La!Sandra Boynton16
2021Jungle Night18
2020Your Nose!Sandra Boynton24
2019DinosnoresSandra Boynton24
2019Silly LullabySandra Boynton16
2018I Love You, Little PookieSandra Boynton18
2018Merry Christmas, Little PookieSandra Boynton18
2018But Not the ArmadilloSandra Boynton16
2018Here, George!George Booth32
2017Little PookieSandra Boynton18
2017Let's Dance, Little PookieSandra Boynton18
2017What's Wrong, Little Pookie?Sandra Boynton18
2017Night-Night, Little PookieSandra Boynton18
2017Happy Birthday, Little PookieSandra Boynton18
2017Spooky PookieSandra Boynton18
2016A Is for AngrySandra Boynton48
2016Dinosaur Dance!Sandra Boynton16
2016Eek! Halloween!Sandra Boynton24
2014The Bunny Rabbit Show!Sandra Boynton24
2013Consider LoveSandra Boynton32
2012Are You a Cow?Sandra Boynton16
2012Tickle Time!Sandra Boynton24
2011Happy Hippo, Angry DuckSandra Boynton16
2010Perfect Piggies!Sandra Boynton20
2008Fifteen Animals!Sandra Boynton24
2006Your Personal PenguinSandra Boynton22
2005Belly Button Book!Sandra Boynton24
2003Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!: A Touch, Skritch, and Tickle BookSandra Boynton12
2003Snuggle Puppy! A Little Love SongSandra Boynton24
2001Yay, You!Sandra Boynton32
2000Hippos Go Berserk!Sandra Boynton16
2000Hey! Wake Up!Sandra Boynton20
2000Pajama Time!Sandra Boynton20
1998Dinosaur's BinkitSandra Boynton14
1997Snoozers: 7 Short Short Bedtime Stories for Lively Little KidsSandra Boynton18
1995OppositesSandra Boynton13
1993Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!Sandra Boynton20
1993One, Two, Three!Sandra Boynton24
1993Barnyard Dance!Sandra Boynton24
1993Birthday Monsters!Sandra Boynton24
1984A to ZSandra Boynton8
1984Horns To Toes and in BetweenSandra Boynton13
1984DoggiesSandra Boynton13
1984Blue Hat, Green HatSandra Boynton14
1982But Not the HippopotamusSandra Boynton14
1982Moo, Baa, La La LaSandra Boynton13
1982The Going To Bed BookSandra Boynton14


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