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Sandra Boynton

Sandra Boynton is a popular American humorist, songwriter, children’s author, and illustrator. Boynton has written and illustrated more than forty books for both children and adults, as well as more than four thousand greeting cards and four music albums. She has designed—for various companies—calendars, wallpaper, bedding, stationery, paper goods, clothing, jewelry, and plush toys.

Most Recent Book
I Love You, Little Pookie book

"About" from the Simon and Schuster Fall 2018 Catalog

board Books

I Love You, Little Pookie book
I Love You, Little Pookie
Merry Christmas, Little Pookie book
Merry Christmas, Little Pookie
But Not the Armadillo book
But Not the Armadillo
Here, George! book
Here, George!
Happy Birthday, Little Pookie book
Happy Birthday, Little Pookie
Little Pookie book
Little Pookie
Let's Dance, Little Pookie book
Let's Dance, Little Pookie
Spooky Pookie book
Spooky Pookie
A Is for Angry book
A Is for Angry
Dinosaur Dance! book
Dinosaur Dance!
Eek! Halloween! book
Eek! Halloween!
The Bunny Rabbit Show! book
The Bunny Rabbit Show!
Are You a Cow? book
Are You a Cow?
Tickle Time! book
Tickle Time!
Happy Hippo, Angry Duck book
Happy Hippo, Angry Duck
Perfect Piggies! book
Perfect Piggies!
Fifteen Animals! book
Fifteen Animals!
Your Personal Penguin book
Your Personal Penguin
Belly Button Book! book
Belly Button Book!
Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!: A Touch, Skritch, and Tickle Book book
Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!: A Touch, Skritch, and Tickle Book
Snuggle Puppy book
Snuggle Puppy
Pajama Time! book
Pajama Time!
Hey! Wake Up! book
Hey! Wake Up!
Opposites book
Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! book
Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs!
One, Two, Three! book
One, Two, Three!
Barnyard Dance! book
Barnyard Dance!
Birthday Monsters! book
Birthday Monsters!
Blue Hat, Green Hat book
Blue Hat, Green Hat
A to Z book
A to Z
Doggies book
But Not the Hippopotamus book
But Not the Hippopotamus
The Going-To-Bed Book book
The Going-To-Bed Book

picture Books

Yay, You! book
Yay, You!


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