Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams is a former elementary school librarian and the author of over 70 books for children, including the award-winning picture book Library Lil (illustrated by Steven Kellogg). She and Joan Holub co-author several series including Goddess Girls (ages 8 – 12), Heroes in Training (ages 7 – 10), Grimmtastic Girls (ages 8 – 12), and Thunder Girls (ages 8 – 12). Suzanne lives in Renton, WA. You can find more information about Suzanne and her books at

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Most Recent Book
Athena & the Magic Land book

chapter Books

superpowers · magic · mythology · adventure · friendship
Sif and the Dwarfs’ Treasures
magic · adventure
Freya and the Magic Jewel
adventure · princesses · monsters
Medea the Enchantress
heroes · superpowers · mythology · quests · adventure
Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa

picture Books

Library Lil book
Library Lil


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