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Tomie dePaola is one of the most popular children’s book authors and illustrators of our time and the winner of the 2011 Children’s Literature Legacy Award for “significant and lasting contribution to children’s literature,” among other lifetime achievement awards. A Newbery Honor winner, he has written and illustrated a number of books, including Caldecott Honor book Strega Nona and its companions, as well as Oliver Button Is a Sissy; The Legend of Old Befana; The Clown of God; Michael Bird-Boy; Andy, That’s My Name; and Quiet. A native of Connecticut, Mr. dePaola studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives in New London, New Hampshire.

The Song of Francis
Story of the Three Wise Kings
The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog
Marianna May and Nursey
Tomie dePaola's The Cloud Book
Fight the Night
God Is Great, God Is Good
Too Many Bunnies
Haircuts for Little Lambs
I Will Talk to You, Little One

Most Popular Tomie dePaola Books

    picture • 32 Pages
    The Legend of the Poinsettia
    Tomie dePaola
    picture • 32 Pages
    Strega Nona
    Tomie dePaola
    picture • 32 Pages
    Strega Nona's Gift
    Tomie dePaola
    picture • 32 Pages
    The Legend of Old Befana
    Tomie dePaola
    picture • 224 Pages
    The Magical World of Strega Nona
    Tomie dePaola
    picture • 14 Pages
    My First Chanukah
    Tomie dePaola

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All Tomie dePaola Books

2022The Song of FrancisTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2020Story of the Three Wise KingsTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2020The Comic Adventures of Old Mother Hubbard and Her DogSarah Catherine MartinTomie dePaola32
2020Marianna May and NurseyTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2020Tomie dePaola's The Cloud BookTomie dePaola32
2020Fight the NightTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola40
2020God Is Great, God Is GoodTomie dePaola24
2020Too Many BunniesTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola26
2020Haircuts for Little LambsTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola26
2020I Will Talk to You, Little OnePhyllis E. GrannTomie dePaola16
2019Strega Nona's Magic RingTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2019Tomie Depaola's Christmas Tree BookTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2019The Night Before ChristmasClement C. MooreTomie dePaola22
2019Oliver Button Is a SissyTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola48
2019Tomie Depaola's The Quicksand BookTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2019When Everyone Was Fast AsleepTomie dePaola32
2019WingsCheryl B. KleinTomie dePaola40
2019Michael Bird-BoyTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2019Strega Nona's Magic LessonsTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2019Tomie DePaola's Cats and KittensTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2019Look and Be GratefulTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola24
2018Andy & Sandy and the First SnowTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2018QuietTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2018Andy & Sandy's Anything AdventureTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2018When Andy Met SandyTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2018In a Small KingdomTomie dePaola48
2018The Clown of GodTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola48
2017The Legend of Old BefanaTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2017Andy & Sandy and the Big Talent ShowTomie dePaolaTomie dePaolaJim Lewis32
2017Strega Nona and Her TomatoesTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2017Steppin' Out: Jaunty Rhymes for Playful TimesLin OliverTomie dePaola32
2017Little Poems for Tiny EarsLin OliverTomie dePaola32
2016The Moon's Almost HerePatricia MacLachlanTomie dePaola32
2015The Magical World of Strega NonaTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola224
2015Andy, That's My NameTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2015My First EasterTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola12
2014JackTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola40
2013My Mother Is So SmartTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola24
2012Strega Nona's HarvestTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola1
2012The Birds of BethlehemTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola40
2011Let the Whole Earth Sing PraiseTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2011Strega Nona's GiftTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2009My First Mother GooseTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola12
2008My First ChanukahTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola14
2008My First ThanksgivingTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola14
2007More Mother Goose FavoritesTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2006Now One Foot, Now the OtherTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola48
2004Four Friends in AutumnTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2004AdelitaTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola40
2004Mary Had a Little LambSarah Josepha HaleTomie dePaola28
2004Cookie's WeekCindy WardTomie dePaola34
2003Strega Nona Takes a VacationTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2002Four Friends at ChristmasTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
200226 Fairmount AvenueTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola57
2001Big Anthony: His StoryTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
2000Mice Squeak, We SpeakTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1998George Washington's BreakfastJean FritzTomie dePaola48
1997Shh! We're Writing the ConstitutionJean FritzTomie dePaola64
1997Tomie's Little Mother GooseIona OpieTomie dePaola36
1997Jamie O'Rourke and the Big PotatoTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1997Nana Upstairs & Nana DownstairsTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1997The Art LessonTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1996The Vanishing PumpkinTony JohnstonTomie dePaola32
1996The Quilt StoryTony JohnstonTomie dePaola27
1996The Legend of the Indian PaintbrushTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola40
1996Tony's breadTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1994Kit and KatTomie dePaola32
1994I Love You Sun, I Love You MoonTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1994Patrick: Patron Saint of IrelandTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola30
1994The Legend of the PoinsettiaTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1992Jingle the Christmas ClownTomie dePaola1
1991Merry Christmas, Strega NonaTomie dePaola32
1990Tomie Depaola's Book of Bible StoriesTomie dePaola128
1988Strega NonaTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1987An Early American ChristmasTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1987Bill and Pete Go Down the NileTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1985Tomie dePaola's Mother GooseTomie dePaola127
1984The First ChristmasTomie dePaola13
1983The Legend of the BluebonnetTomie dePaola32
1981Fin M'Coul the Giant of Knockmany HillTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola27
1980The Knight and the DragonTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1978The Popcorn BookTomie dePaola32
1975The Cloud BookTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1973Charlie Needs a CloakTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32
1973The Unicorn and the MoonTomie dePaolaDavid McPhail32
1960Pancakes for BreakfastTomie dePaolaTomie dePaola32


Clement C. Moore
Tony Johnston
Jean Fritz
Lin Oliver
Iona Opie
Phyllis E. Grann
David McPhail
Cindy Ward
Sarah Catherine Martin
Sarah Josepha Hale
Cheryl B. Klein
Patricia MacLachlan
Jim Lewis


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