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Tony Ross


Tony Ross has illustrated over 2,000 books that are published all over the world. He has won awards in Holland, Japan,Germany, the United States, France, and the UK. He lives in Rutland, the smallest county in England.

The Ice Monster
Old MacDonald Had a Phone
Spooky Night!
Where's Gilbert?
There's a Snake in My School!
The Creature Choir
The Beast of Buckingham Palace
What's My Name?
The World's Worst Teachers

Most Popular Tony Ross Books

    chapter • 480 Pages
    Grandpa's Great Escape
    David Walliams, Tony Ross
    picture • 32 Pages
    Chicken Clicking
    Jeanne Willis, Tony Ross
    chapter • 240 Pages
    Billionaire Boy
    David Walliams, Tony Ross
    chapter • 112 Pages
    Horrid Henry
    #1 in Series
    Francesca Simon, Tony Ross
    chapter • 96 Pages
    Amber Brown Is Not a Crayon
    Paula Danziger, Tony Ross
    chapter • 140 Pages
    Dear Max
    Sally Grindley, Tony Ross

Book Stats


All Tony Ross Books

2021The Ice MonsterDavid WalliamsTony Ross352
2021Old MacDonald Had a PhoneJeanne WillisTony Ross32
2020Spooky Night!Wendy FinneyWendy FinneyTony Ross64
2020Where's Gilbert?Wendy FinneyTony Ross64
2020There's a Snake in My School!David WalliamsTony Ross31
2019The Creature ChoirDavid WalliamsTony Ross32
2019The Beast of Buckingham PalaceDavid WalliamsTony Ross464
2019What's My Name?Wendy FinneyTony Ross64
2019The World's Worst TeachersDavid WalliamsTony Ross312
2019FingDavid WalliamsTony Ross272
2019#goldilocks (A Hashtag Cautionary Tale)Jeanne WillisTony Ross32
2018Bah! Humbug!Michael RosenTony Ross192
2018Binny BewitchedHilary McKayTony Ross256
2018Tadpole's PromiseJeanne WillisTony Ross32
2018I Want My Dad!Tony RossTony Ross32
2018Grandpa's Great EscapeDavid WalliamsTony Ross480
2018GeronimoDavid WalliamsTony Ross32
2018The World of David Walliams Book of StuffDavid WalliamsTony Ross80
2017Best Friends!Wendy FinneyTony Ross64
2017Bad DadDavid WalliamsTony Ross448
2017Boogie BearDavid WalliamsTony Ross40
2017The World's Worst Children 2David WalliamsTony Ross2199
2016I Want a Bedtime Story!Tony RossTony Ross32
2016Demon DentistDavid WalliamsTony Ross448
2016The Midnight GangDavid WalliamsTony Ross478
2016The World's Worst ChildrenDavid WalliamsTony Ross272
2015The Bear Who Went Boo!David WalliamsTony Ross32
2015I Feel Sick!Tony Ross32
2015Chicken ClickingJeanne WillisTony Ross32
2015The Queen's Orang-UtanDavid WalliamsDavid WalliamsTony Ross32
2015The Slightly Annoying ElephantDavid WalliamsTony Ross32
2014I Want to Go Home!Tony Ross32
2014Awful AuntieDavid WalliamsTony Ross416
2014RatburgerDavid WalliamsTony Ross320
2013I Want a Sister!Tony RossTony Ross32
2013Horrid Henry Robs the BankFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2012Horrid Henry's Monster MovieFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2012Bob the Bursting BearMichael RosenTony Ross32
2012Dr Xargle's Book of Earth TiggersJeanne WillisTony Ross28
2012Dr Xargle's Book of EarthletsJeanne WillisTony Ross28
2012Horrid Henry and the Zombie VampireFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2012I Want to Win!Tony RossTony Ross32
2011Horrid Henry Wakes the DeadFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2011Billionaire BoyDavid WalliamsTony Ross240
2011Horrid Henry RocksFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2011I Want to Do It Myself!Tony RossTony Ross32
2010Spider SchoolFrancesca SimonTony Ross64
2010I Want My Light On!Tony RossTony Ross32
2010Horrid Henry and the Abominable SnowmanFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Flabby Cat and Slobby DogJeanne WillisTony Ross24
2009Horrid Henry's ChristmasFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid Henry and the Scary SitterFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid Henry's UnderpantsFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009I Want Two Birthdays!Tony Ross32
2009Horrid Henry and the Mummy's CurseFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid Henry and the Soccer FiendFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth FairyFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid Henry's StinkbombFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time MachineFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2009Horrid HenryFrancesca SimonTony Ross112
2008The World's Worst Children 3David WalliamsTony Ross288
2007Horrid Henry's Haunted HouseFrancesca SimonTony Ross88
2007Dear MaxSally GrindleyTony Ross140
2006Who's in the Loo?Jeanne WillisTony Ross30
2006Amber Brown Is Not a CrayonPaula DanzigerTony Ross96
2003Get Ready for Second Grade, Amber BrownPaula DanzigerTony Ross48
2002Horrid Henry and the Bogey BabysitterFrancesca SimonTony Ross84
2001The First Hippo on the MoonDavid WalliamsTony Ross32
2000Susan LaughsJeanne WillisTony Ross32
1998Horrid Henry's NitsFrancesca SimonTony Ross96
1998Horrid Henry Gets Rich QuickFrancesca SimonTony Ross91
1996Horrid Henry and the Secret ClubFrancesca SimonTony Ross95
1993Burping BerthaMichael RosenTony Ross64
1986I Want My PottyTony RossTony Ross25
1900The Ice MonsterDavid WalliamsTony Ross496


David Walliams
Jeanne Willis
Francesca Simon
Paula Danziger
Sally Grindley
Michael Rosen
Wendy Finney
Hilary McKay


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