Top 10 Sleeping Beauty Books

    The Sleeping Beauty
    The Sleeping Beauty
    Written by New York City Ballet & illustrated by Valeria Docampo
    Snoring Beauty
    Snoring Beauty
    Written by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen & illustrated by Jane Manning
    Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Written by Michael Teitelbaum & illustrated by Ron Dias
    Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty
    Written by Trixie Belle and Melissa Caruso-Scott & illustrated by Oliver Lake
    The Wide-Awake Princess
    Written by E.D. Baker
    The Sleeping Beauty
    Written by Jennifer Adams & illustrated by Corey Egbert
    Spindle's End
    Written and illustrated by Robin McKinley
    Sleeping Ugly
    Sleeping Ugly
    Written by Jane Yolen & illustrated by Diane Stanley
    Briar and Rose and Jack
    Briar and Rose and Jack
    Written and illustrated by Katherine Coville
    Snoring Beauty
    Snoring Beauty
    Written by Bruce Hale & illustrated by Howard Fine

Sleeping Beauty is a classic well-loved fairy tale, and we've compiled a list of the best versions of the story as well as fractured fairy tales and related kids books. Whether you love the Disney Classic Little Golden Book version, you're looking for a new take on the original story that's full of beautiful illustrations, or you want a simplified version for an infant or toddler, this list has it all! While the covers of these different titles give you a nice hint, what may look like a replica of a former book could actually be an entirely different take on the story. We've provided a few lines of summary, our reviews, and marked our favorites to help you look through the list even more efficiently. The list automatically shows all of the children's books, but you can better filter for more specific ages or books by toggling the list on the upper left of the list. Choose board books for readers ages 0-3, as these books are more durable for little hands. Picture books are generally geared for ages 3-6, and chapter books are great for ages 7 and up, with early readers and middle grade books. Let us know if you have any favorite renditions of Sleeping Beauty you'd add to our list!

Sleeping Beauty



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