abnormal Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about abnormal
″...he had the illusion that one nun was turning a cartwheel and another was trying to stand on her head. He pulled up, got off his bike and really looked back. Disappointingly, all was normal. ‘I could have sworn I saw it,’ he said.”
“I ought to tell you at the beginning that I am not quite normal, having had a violent experience at the age of nine. I will make this clear at once because I have noticed that if things seep out slowly through a book the reader is apt to feel let down or tricked in some way when he eventually gets the point.”
“1. I am not quite normal 2. I am not very popular 3. I am able to tell what people are thinking. And I might add 4. I am terribly bad at keeping quiet when I have something on my mind because 5. I ABSOLUTELY ALWAYS AND INVARIABLY TELL THE TRUTH.”
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